You’re Not Helping v.26

There exists a type of person who feels the need to flagellate themselves in order to prove their commitment to their movement. This person tends scourge other members of their group, often claiming that members are inherently bad and evil and dangerous. The only salvation is the movement, which incidentally will never absolve them of any wrongdoing. It will only allow them them opportunity to behave with smug condescension toward those who have not converted.

I speak of male feminists. One will never see any other group of people who so consistently bash their own group while trying to prove they are one of the “good” ones. This usually manifests in a specific way: explaining to other men why it is their responsibility to fix women’s problems.

Their usual method of choice is the list. It often comes with unsupported claims, dismissal of men’s problems, and the obligatory snark. This was very evident in Johnathan McIntosh’s recent video 5 Ways Men Can Help End Sexism. I could take apart the utter stupidity of his arguments. I could likely write five posts on each point, but others have already beaten me to it and done a much better (and drunker) job than I could.

What interests me more are the outtakes from the video. McIntosh uploaded the outtakes on his own YouTube channel. After watching it, I must wonder why because he undermines his entire position:

Patriarchy. DUN DUN DUN!

Is there any clearly evidence that McIntosh does not take what he says seriously? Like scores of male feminists, especially those like Hugo Schwyzer, McIntosh exploits the politics of feminism for his own purposes. I do not think he or Anita Sarkeesian believes what they say. I think they are conning people to get money, and they are so confident in their con that they feel comfortable showing people that they do not believe what they say.

This is the very definition of a hypocrite, yet most of the McIntosh’s supporters did not seem to care. Imagine if any men’s rights activist mocked the notion that feminism is a destructive ideology after putting out a video telling people the five ways they can fight the sexist ideology. Imagine the uproar from progressives, how quickly it would spread across social media. Imagine the reaction from other men’s rights activists. Does anyone think they would write this off?

Yet none of this happened with McIntosh. He freely mocks his own arguments to no penalty.

More confusing, however, is why he uploaded the video. This does nothing to help him. It does not help his argument. It does not win new allies. His opponents will take the video and use it to dismantle this position. Why would you give your opponents that kind of ammunition?

3 thoughts on “You’re Not Helping v.26

  1. I always found male feminists who call themselves ‘good men’ (in other words, the only good men) a tad self congratulatory and creepy.

    Actions speak louder than words, fellas!

  2. Having a logic discussion with feminists is like playing chess with pigeons: no matter how good you are, the pigeon will continue to overthrow all the pieces on the board and will strut around triumphantly…

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