Feminist Faith

In a recent episode, the Honey Badger Brigade tackled the the similarity between feminism and religion. Feminism has been likened to religion many times. This largely stems from doctrinal concepts that many feminists argue cannot be questioned (male privilege, the Patriarchy, female oppression, etc.). There is also the reaction feminists have when someone denies or criticizes their ideology. The reaction is similar to the religious reaction to apostates. The Badgers discuss these concepts and more.


3 thoughts on “Feminist Faith

  1. Thanks for bringing this one up, it’s the Badgers at their best. They put some forethought into it with their prepared statements about religion in general. They also seemed to use less profanity than usual, though I can’t say it was intentional. Nice to hear the Badgers do a PG-13 version you can play for the kids. Especially one so thought provoking.

  2. It’s not just that they believe in things like “patriarchy” unquestioningly, but that there’s little to no evidence for what they believe as well. Rape culture, war on women, patriarchy, etc–you just have to take it on faith because the evidence for it is laughable.

  3. If we classify them as a religion then they qualify for freedom of religion. So, let’s not make that mistake.*

    A cult, perhaps?

    One thing I consider before classifying something as a religion is whether or not there have been martyrs. Has anyone believed in this thing strongly enough to sacrifice everything for it?

    This is important because if you know someone is willing to die for their beliefs, then you know they aren’t just making stuff up for their own convenience. You don’t have to believe it- but at least you know they really believe it.

    Have their been any feminist martyrs?

    *Of course, I’m very religious, so its hard for me to see “like a religion” as a bad thing in general.

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