The Rubin Report: Peter Boghossian

Dave Rubin interviewed Peter Boghossian, author and philosophy instructor at Portland State University. The interview revolved around religion and politics, but largely focused on the antics of progressives (or as Rubin and Boghossian state “regressives”). Boghossian discussed the situation he faces at his school, most notably that he was told that due to his political views he would never receive tenure regardless of his achievements.

He recounted an incident in one of his classes in which a student complained about because Boghassian made the horrendous mistake of being surprised that another student had never heard of Star Trek. He also mentioned that he warned students before a particular class that what he would discuss would be offensive. It speaks to the absurdity of the situation that any teacher would have preface the lesson with “This’ll probably offend you” as they proceed to speak about the most benign things. Watch the video for more examples of progressive stupidity.

The irony is that the students at PSU and other colleges will be the leaders of our country, yet they are so sensitive and incapable of dealing with anything on a mature level that it is difficult to see how they could lead anyone. How would they handle terrorists? Tell them to check their privilege? How would they handle someone like Vladamir Putin? Tell him he suffers from toxic masculinity? Would they accuse China of cultural appropriation because China attempts to be like Western countries?

None of this silliness works in the real world. What does work, however, is indoctrination. Oddly enough, once a person is indoctrinated, it is not difficult to get them to switch groups. It is merely a matter of maintaining control. These students will likely never think for themselves, but they will make it much easier for the next dictator to gain power.


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