Aftermath of the Cologne New Years Eve Attacks

Sargon of Akkad uploaded a video about the Cologne New Year’s Eve attacks in Germany. On New Year’s Eve, thousands of Muslim men took to the streets and physically and sexually assaulted scores of people. This occurred in several cities, but the main focus has been Cologne due to the number of reported assaults and the following cover-up.

It is the latter that has proven most curious because not only did the authorities attempt to hide what happened, but the progressive media also attempted to mislead people about the identity of the assailants and the nature of the assaults.

The reason for the cover-up is that the majority of men who committed the violence appear to be migrants and refugees from Middle East and North African Muslim-based countries. Tthe Germany authorities do not want to admit this and decided to mask the identities of the assailants as best they could, lest anyone (i.e. the progressive left) accuse them of “racism” despite Islam not being a race.

The progressive media joined in on the cover up, obscuring the nature of the attacks and minimizing the background of the men. If you want to know what actually happened, you would need to read local German papers or right-wing media sources.

Yet most baffling is the feminist response. Of all the people one would think would discuss what appears to be an actual “rape culture”, it would be feminists. Yet they have done the opposite and defended these men because of their warped theory of intersectionality, specifically the notion that these migrant and refugee men have less privilege than German women. Instead of arguing against this “rape culture”, feminists argue that German men commit rape as well, therefore we should talk about rape in general. Or as Sargon put it: all rapes matter.

More inexplicable is how feminists like Laurie Penny were quick to defend their ideology over the German women assaulted by these men. At that point in the video, Sargon gets riled up because he finally realized something something men’s rights activists and critics of feminists have known for years: feminism is not about helping women.

These people care more about protecting the ideology than protecting people. They will quickly toss victims aside in order to save their sacred faith. It does not matter that this makes them look like complete hypocrites. It does not matter that it makes their theories look like nonsense. It does not matter that it renders all their complaints pointless and hollow. All that matters is protecting feminism.

Sargon completely dissects the problems with all three of these issues in his video, as well as providing reports from Germany that reveal more about what happened. It is well watch a watch.

2 thoughts on “Aftermath of the Cologne New Years Eve Attacks

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  2. Nasty situation. In September a few friends and acquaintances of mine were raging about Britain not encouraging the migrants to flock in like the Germans and Austrians. I said then, as now, that if being a soldier in a war zone is bad enough in the way it affects you, we haven’t been able to understand how it can mess with your head if you’re a civilian. Add to that they come from societies where even the most western looking people have latently regressive attitudes and cultural norms (let alone the blatantly regressive types like ISIS), tons of people who are risking life and limb to make it to Germany at a level that is unsustainable to process properly, and you have a disaster on your hands.

    As for the feminists I have no words for them. We all know how they sold male abuse survivors down the river, now they’ve sold out their fellow women. They can try to hide the Muslim identity all they like, but Islam has a ton of enemies and critics already that’s growing with every attack anyway, hiding this difficult fact is going to change nothing other than make things worse. Shameful. Truly shameful.

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