SNL thinks “hot teacher sex” is funny

As readers of his blog will know, child rape is hilarious. Anytime an adult takes advantage of their authority, trust, and power to sexually exploit a child it is the height of humor. Indeed, the older the child, the funnier the assault because we all know teens always want sex with smoking hot adults. It is not as if it is a complete betrayal or taking advantage of the less experienced party. No, the scenario is hysterical, unless the child is a girl, in which case no comedy show would make a sketch mocking the idea of charging two adults for having sex with a 16-year-old.

Fortunately, Saturday Night Live had the forethought and maturity to mock the idea of charging two women with raping a 16-year-old boy, hence last Saturday’s sketch titled Teacher Trial with Rhonda Rousey:

The humor practically writes itself.

Setting the sarcasm aside, I fail to see the joke. The sketch is not satire because most people actually think there is nothing wrong with adult women having sex with teenage (or prepubescent) boys. It is a not a parody because no one covers trials against women who rape children with a great deal of gravitas. It is not poking fun at the boy’s reaction because that is the reaction people expect. The same could be said of the judge and prosecutor as well. So what is the joke?

The most generous I could come up with is that SNL wanted to mock the double standard that comes with female-on-male sexual assaults. The problem is that the sketch uses actual views held by most people, so it does not come across as mocking but rather supporting. More so, some of the lines used in the sketch, such as one of the reporters saying that he was still playing with Legos when he was 16, counter that argument.

It seems the joke is that people would actually want to prosecute women for having a threesome with a willing 16-year-old boy.

As I mentioned, they would never run the opposite sketch. They would never a present a willing non-victim forced to testify how much she enjoyed having sex with Channing Tatum.

And this is not to say that people cannot tell jokes about child abuse. I little problem with people joking about serious issues. Nothing is off limits when it comes to humor, although one could argue that some jokes are in bad taste. The issue is it appears that the joke is how “silly” it is for people to charge women who have sex with children or that there really is no joke and the SNL writers genuinely think the scenario itself is funny.


4 thoughts on “SNL thinks “hot teacher sex” is funny

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  2. That’s funny (as in strange) because I remember back in the day in Britain some comedy show where two women were talking about sexual exploits and one of them was talking about I think chatting up teenage boys, but I do remember her remarking that ‘It’s not paedophilia if you’re a woman’. Even back then it left me feeling unclean.

  3. As I mentioned, they would never run the opposite sketch.

    Well there was this skit with Buck Henry who played “Uncle Roy”. One deviant act does not justify another.

  4. “Well there was this skit with Buck Henry who played “Uncle Roy”.”

    The difference is that the skit was mocking and crucifying those who would dare think guy on girl rape was in any way justifiable. Also, society believed the same thing.

    This one, however, I don’t sense an equal level of mockery or crucifixion. Also. society still believes boys at the age of sixteen are not harmed by being exploited and raped by adults in positions of authority (such as teachers). Unless the perpetrator is male like Jerry Sandusky or a priest (like the catholic rape scandal) then suddenly we give a damn about boy, or young male, victims.

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