The Art of Male Bonding

The Honey Badgers recently chatted with former professor Allen Frantzen about male bonding and male love. Frantzen studied medieval history, primarily English history. He wrote several about male bonds during that period of time, particularly how men expressed their mutual love one another. This love was not sexual, but was still intimate.

It is something that we have lost today. Outside of a handful of situations, men and boys are discouraged from creating those kinds of intense bonds via accusations of misogyny and homosexuality. The situations where those bonds do occur are usually situations in which males can only depend on other males for support, such during war or in sports. The intensity and longevity of those bonds may be part of the reason why so many boys and men gravitate towards male-only spaces. It seems to be part of the male experience to want such bonds.

Frantzen explains part of why that happens, and the Badgers offer some interesting insights:

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