I Stand With Hillary

I have tried to stay out of the presidential campaign this season. We have a series bad and worse choices, and it is rather sad to see our political system devolve to such a state. That said, I have been waiting for Hilary Clinton to play the woman card. She took her time with it. I expected it to happened earlier last summer, however, she waited until Bernie Sanders began to beat her in the polls and in primaries.

The reason is simple: young women are voting for Sanders. That has to hurt Clinton, who assumed she would snatch up the female vote with ease. In response to this, Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright made statements attacking those female voters. Albright said they would go to hell for not supporting Clinton, and Steinem accused them of supporting Sanders because they want to have sex with Sanders’s male supporters.

It seems the Clinton campaign wants to go the “vote for me because I’m a woman” route, complete Clinton claiming she is an outsider because she is female.

This is the sort of thing I cannot take seriously, and thankfully I am not the only one. Lauren Southern released a satirical video about her support of Clinton:

6 thoughts on “I Stand With Hillary

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  2. As an outsider it’s weird to see Hilary struggle so much, I was assuming that we’d have another Obama situation happening. Truth be told, on this side of the pond we mostly year about Trump and what a moron he is. I personally can’t see him as president but you never know. It’s amusing though, to see Clinton not doing as well as I assumed she would. To be honest, Clinton’s failure is no bad thing, she wasn’t much of a pioneer with the whole gay marriage bill until it became popular which suggests that she’s not much of a leader but more of a follower.

    Maybe there’ll be a female president of the USA in the future but perhaps Clinton ain’t gonna be it.

    Whoever it is I just hope that they get foreign policy right :/

  3. The other point needing to be made is Hillary wants safe spaces for women, except those women who she bombed the fuck out of her entire term as secretary of state. “Acceptable sacrifices” was, I believe, her term for it.

  4. Female politicians who demand women vote for them are doing so in desperation. They inevitably lose. Famous examples are Ségolène Royal in France’s 2007 presidential election and Australian senator Lyn Allison, leader of the Australian Democrats, who also lost her seat in 2007.

  5. Hillary’s claim that she is an outsider is risible considering, you know, living in the White House for 8 years and swimming in a river of Wall Street money. The only way she could become more of an insider is to stick one of her feet inside the mouth of the CEO of Citibank and the other foot up the ass of Donald Rumsfeld while tongue-kissing her husband. And that last one might actually be the least pleasurable for her. And I am saying this even though I totally do like her as a human being.

    Her campaign really is taking that strategy that it is sexist to think she isn’t the best candidate. Right? So if you want Bernie Sanders, you’re sexist rather than just judging him favorably. If you want Trump, you’re a mega-sexist rather than just an idiot. And I really do get the sense that the feminists who are carrying water for Clinton in the media are fully 100% aware of how disingenuous this tactic is, but they’re doing it anyway possibly because “it’s women’s turn” and, hey, maybe they could maybe get invited to some nice DC function if she wins maybe. It really does look completely venal and opportunistic to me.

    By the way– Chelsea Clinton is still being treated like a child by the media. Have you noticed this? She’s no longer apolitical. She is part of her mom’s campaign and a member of the Clinton Foundation. Her position is “Vote for my mom, she’s great” but when you ask her for specifics, she replies “Uh, she’s great.” The only thing I see written about her are puff-pieces. She’s 33 for God’s sake and she is now a fully-fledged political operative. It’s time to ask her some tough questions about HOW her mom will be great considering her not-exactly-thick list of achievements so far. Oh yeah, we invaded Iraq with Hillary’s Senate support. Great. That worked well, didn’t it? She gave a thumbs-up to one of the worst, deadliest, costliest foreign policy clusterfucks of the past 50 years. But that’s carping about old history now! Who cares about that stuff? Water under the bridge. Jesus.

    Am I crazy for thinking this stuff?

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