What happens when a random woman takes a child?

UDY Pranks posted a video about child abductions. He presents two scenarios: a man attempting to kidnap children and a woman attempting to kidnap children.

When the man attempts to convince two children to come to his car to get some candy and go purchase a new ball, several people, mostly women, intervene. Some of them call the police, others follow the man back to his car, and some confront him. At no point does it appear that the man is allowed to leave with the children.

In contrast, when a woman attempts the same thing, no one intervenes. No one challenges, her, no one attempts to stop her, and no one calls the police. To be fair, several people do turn around and look at her. One person, a man, at least appears to question what is going on. However, no one does a thing to stop it.

Much like the domestic violence videos, this video shows that our society gives women a pass when it comes to crime, particularly when it comes to crimes against children. That not one single person thought that it was odd that children would walk away with a woman they did not know demonstrates this.

Our society assumes women are nurturers. They can do no harm. This attitude is pervasive. It is not just limited to kidnapping children. When women abuse children or murder people or commit petty crimes they are more likely to get away with it. We excuse the behavior by blaming men. Some man made them do it or some man abused them so that is why they did it.

The frightening part of about this is that mentality will lead people to ignore clear signs of abuse or threats to children as long as the perpetrator is female. How many children are kidnapped or abused and it goes unnoticed because the perpetrator is a woman?

Have a look at the video. It is astounding.

9 thoughts on “What happens when a random woman takes a child?

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  2. the lesson the video teaches us is that women are above the law and WILL get away with wrongdoing.

    the lesson feminists want us to take from this, is that “benevolent sexism” is “just the patriarchy backfiring” and apparently feminists are already “working on” fixing the problem.

  3. Patriarchal landmine, they also are quick to squawk ‘The vast majority of abuse is committed by men etc’ and that bringing these aspects to other people’s attention is ‘silencing’ victims or hogging the resources.

  4. Btw TS I want to apologise for my comment about Shives. I really regret it. It was ill judged and foolish of me and I’m very sorry.

    Really, I am. I saw the video of him with his wife and I think I misjudged him. Don’t hold me to this, but the relationship does look like he’s being manipulated and I kinda feel sorry for him if that’s the case.

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  6. It is a good video, but has an interesting statement at the end.

    “One brave voice may save a child’s life and spare a mother’s pain.”

    I guess fathers don’t feel pain at the loss of a child. Sexist bias against men is far more prevalent and takes far more forms than the filmmaker thinks.

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