When Women Rape Men

TJ Kirk, the Amazing Atheist, explains in explicit detail precisely what is wrong with the fantasy narrative that women raping men is “awesome”:


10 thoughts on “When Women Rape Men

  1. Why do people, especially other men, have such difficulty in understanding that forced sex = bad? It’s not rocket science…being used against your will for someone else’s sick pleasure is wrong, and not “awesome”!

  2. Tarnished, men are taught to always want sex and to always view sex with women as inherently good. Many men, as TJ noted, project their fantasies onto the situation. They would like this to happen to them because in their fantasy everything is under control. The real version tends to be rather different, but since most of them lack any experience with that, they do not care.

  3. True, and it’s mirrored a bit in the fact that something like 65% of women have “rape fantasies” (to close to reality for my own comfort, but I can see the appeal for others). Certain sections of the manosphere twist this to mean that those women *want* to be raped…which is obviously untrue, because as soon as one wants sex with you, you’re not raping them. You’re just having sex. What they don’t seem to comprehend is that, for men and women alike, a mental fantasy you can control in your mind is not even remotely similar to being used as a masturbatory tool by a person who doesn’t care whether you desire them or not. The above statistic was even used by a commenter of mine to heavily insinuate that I enjoyed what my stepfather did, which I find to be sick just as saying that a boy should be grateful he’s raped by his teacher is sick…

    When I shared your “Why rape is hysterical” post last year, 3 different male commenters showed up to say that it is physically impossible for men to be raped by women, precisely for the reason you mention above…Sex with women is good, men always want sex, being forced to have sex is like being forced to eat your favorite meal, etc. One, a former incel, even said that he wished he could have been raped by a woman.

    It’s just such an alien concept, to not have empathy for others. To be unable to put yourself in their situation and recognize that a mental fantasy is not real life, and has repercussions for the person so used.

  4. My therapist likened it to if you eat a Toblerone chocolate bar – which is huge by the way, you enjoy it as a pleasurable experience. But if you have the whole thing forced into your face, it’s not such a nice experience.

  5. In his addendum he kind of just committed the same erasure that he criticised in his comments. I mean, this blog has written plenty of on the practice of dancing boys, we know that rape in the middle-east is far from exclusively male on female, we know Isis has female fighters and we know that other wartorn regions such as the Congo where rape is a common weapon that women frequently commit it and still it is rarely talked about.

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  7. You should try it sometime if you get the chance, it’s basically Triangular swiss chocolate 🙂 The reason I used that figure of speech though is because it’s in large triangular segments and so it’s quite big as a result. About the size of a table leg cut down by about a third, so in segments it’s really nice, but forcing the whole full sized thing in your mouth would be physically extremely uncomfortable and distressing.

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