What Male Survivors Face

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In an effort to raise awareness, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) released seven videos of survivors sharing their stories. In a rare move, RAINN included two men’s stories. According a CNN article:

Men account for 8% of RAINN’s online hotline users under 18 and 18% of callers older than 18, according to data provided to the organization. Men and boys often discuss sexual abuse that occurred in the past, with 70% of men and boys discussing an event that occurred more than five years ago and 58% of them discussing a repeated event in the past that is no longer occurring.

This is likely because RAINN rarely does any outreach to help male victims, and provides little information and support for male victims on their website. To this point, much of the information on their site redirects men to 1in6.org, an organization specifically designed to assist male victims.

That said, at least RAINN included the men’s stories, and thankfully CNN chose to feature them in the article. It is important for people to hear what men and boys experience. It would have been better if RAINN had included someone who was assaulted by a woman so that people could see women commit sexual violence as well, but again, it is surprising they included male victims at all.

5 thoughts on “What Male Survivors Face

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  2. You’d think after the Mark and Moira Greyland disclosures, and subsequent author outrage and media coverage, RAINN would at least have had the good grace to acknowledge female sexual violence. After Moira and then Mark’s disclosures about sex abuse by their famous feminist author mother MZB, several of MZB’s authors donated parts or all of their Darkover Publishing advances and royalties to RAINN based on Moira’s direction. I don’t know how much money was actually raised, but there was certainly a slew of authors offering on-line.

    Of course, caught off-guard after her unplanned disclosure (which was provoked by someone aggressively posting on a feminist blog about how MZB was such a treasure for survivors), when authors started responding in horror and asking Moira where they could make donations, Moira’s response was something like “I don’t know. RAINN, I guess”.. It’s tragic that after all these years of trying to raise awareness of sexual abuse we STILL have no organizations for, or who for the most part will even openly acknowledge, survivors of female perpetration. To the point that NONE came to mind as suitable candidates when Moira was asked.

    But I imagine, at the speed by which this particular issue gets any traction, by the time mainstream survivor organizations get around to acknowledging FSA it’ll be a sign we’re in end times.

    If you google Marion Zimmer Bradley and child abuse you will find the many articles written in the Guardian, Washington Post, etc…

    But, for reference, these are the links that touched it off:

    Shame on RAINN.

  3. To be fair, RAINN are probably learning. I hear that they rejected the “rape culture” rhetoric. Chances are, for a reputable group becoming the best help and go-to source for male survivors, they may soon be the best bet.

  4. I just went to RAINN’s website. All kinds of gender neutral language, but not a single mention of female perpetration anywhere. SHAME on RAINN!

    But we can still find examples of anti-male bias:

    On their page for Intimate Partner Sexual Violence:
    “How does sexual assault relate to domestic violence?
    Sexual assault in a relationship rarely exists in a vacuum. It often occurs alongside other forms of abusive behavior. The majority of women who were physically assaulted by an intimate partner had been sexually assaulted by that same partner1. To learn more about dating and domestic violence, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website.”

    From the National Domestic Violence Hotline link in the paragraph above – in the section for LGBT abuse: http://www.thehotline.org/is-this-abuse/lgbt-abuse/
    “Portraying the violence as mutual and even consensual, or as an expression of masculinity or some other “desirable” trait.”

    Again – SHAME ON RAINN

    BTW, for anyone interested in reading more about the MZB and Walter Breen cases, these sources provide a chilling example of just how willing large groups of people were to overlook the sexual abuse of children even when it’s conducted right out in the open, if the perpetrators are famous. The first link is the official depositions of MZB and her partner in the civil suit by the parents of one of Breen’s male victims:

  5. You’re quite right, Joanne. As for your last point, look up Jimmy Saville and Operation Yewtree if you’re not already familiar with it. If you aren’t, it revealed a gargantuan cover up of sexual abuse dating back to about the 1960s or 1970s, a bit like Bill Cosby recently.

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