A Lesson in Indoctrination

My godson is in middle of choosing what college to attend in two years. I do not envy his position. Modern colleges have become a cesspool of progressive nonsense. Instead of teaching students how navigate a world with differing ideas, colleges indoctrinate students into an ideology that teaches them the world is riddled with sexism, racism, and a host of other bigotries.

It teaches them that white men rule everything and have unfair, unearned privileges. It teaches them that minority groups and women are constantly held back and treated as inferior. It teaches then to view the world in a purely adversarial manner.

This is what my godson must choose from. It is no wonder he is having a hard time choosing. Considering his interests — music and animals — unless he goes to vet school he will deal with this madness.

The curious part about this situation is that most people never get to see the insanity in its raw form. Sargon of Akkad solves that problem in a recent video:

While I doubt many of the progressives set out to push a biased agenda, it certainly seems to be the result. This ironic racism and sexism actually works against the progressives’ goals. Rather than building alliances it separates people by casting one group as the perpetual villain and everyone else as the perpetual victims.

One group ends up defending itself constantly while the other feels under attack for existing. Both sides wind up viewing each other with suspicion and contempt and whatever real problems that exist never get solved.

The truly sad part is that this is not what college is supposed to be about. It is supposed to be about challenging ideas and learning, not political propaganda. I cannot blame my godson if he chooses not to go to college (but you are going).

5 thoughts on “A Lesson in Indoctrination

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  2. How ironic. She sits down at about 17:00 and starts saying, “It’s a European tradition” to not talk about things that make us “uncomfortable.” Interesting the kind of emphasis she puts on withholding information.
    I guess that makes not talking about child abuse for the past 50 years a European tradition and not a feminist media ploy to perpetuate female non-accountability.

  3. She sits down at about 17:00 and starts saying, “It’s a European tradition” to not talk about things that make us “uncomfortable.”

    When she said that, I immediately thought of the Japanese culture. In Japan, it is taboo to speak frankly about a number of issues. This is not limited to them either. Numerous other cultures avoid taking about sensitive social and personal issues. It is shocking that this woman who considers herself so versed in cultures did not know this.

  4. Great point. A friend of mine lived in Japan for a decade and had to get used to the rules of polite social etiquette. The only taboo I’ve found that goes unspoken in virtually all cultures is child abuse. I honestly feel it is because women, and let’s face it, our historically self-proclaimed moral arbiters, simply shut down the conversation. And when I say historically, I’m talking about since the beginning of time historically. Think about it, our most ancient texts were transcribed from oral traditions. Oral traditions are something women dominate. So it’s no wonder there is no significant mention of child abuse in any religious texts that I know of. If anyone can find a reference to child abuse in a religious text please provide a link. I intend to make the last taboo the first, so I’ll need every citation I can get. And in this instance, I don’t think any exist. If the first commandment was to love, honor, and cherish the innocence children, the rest of the commandments would hardly be necessary.

  5. It reminds me of an episode of Ripper Street on the BBC (for those who don’t know, basically like CSI Victorian London). There was an episode involving a child gang, and they were brutal, despite them ranging from kids to teenagers, led by a guy in his late twenties-early thirties called ‘Carmichael’ (played by Joe Gilgun). They had tattoos of playing cards on their hands depicting the crimes they’d committed (jack for breaking into houses, kings for muggings, queens for rape, etc) and Carmichael was the most violent (he had hand tattoos of all the playing cards) despite getting the kids to do his dirty work for him. Certainly not the Fagin of Oliver Twist.

    But it occurred to me that a lot (if not all) of these extremist groups are like this, young and vulnerable people being manipulated by older handlers for their own power. Islamic extremists (most of the 9/11 hijackers were in their 20s), the Nazis, the bolsheviks, gangs like the bloods and crips, almost any cult you can think of and of course, SJWs.

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