Bulletin Board v289

Boys’ boarding school Teacher Alan Morris had sex with pupils at Bethany School in Curtisden Green, Goudhurst — A teacher comforted a boy who was being bullied at a private boarding school but then sexually abused him while plying him with alcohol, a court heard. Alan Morris also had sex sessions with another boy in a shower after they played squash together. Now 71, he denied committing the historic abuse at Bethany School in Curtisden Green, Goudhurst, but was convicted.

Defining rape as gender neutral — Under section 375 of the Penal Code of Bangladesh, 1860; rape occurs when a man has sexual intercourse with a woman under one of the circumstances like, against her will, without her consent, when her consent has been obtained by putting her in fear of death, or of hurt. The rape also occurs in the situation like when a man approaches with her consent and he knows that he is not her husband, and that her consent is given because she believes that he is another man to whom she is or believes herself to be lawfully married, with or without her consent, when she is under fourteen years of age.

Former church youth volunteer pleads guilty to sexual abuse, facing 171-489 years in prison — A former Bluefield church youth volunteer pleaded guilty Monday morning to charges he sexually abused teen boys. Timothy Probert, 57, of Princeton, pleaded guilty to 37 charges, including first-degree sexual abuse, third-degree sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault, first-degree sexual assault, sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian and one count of delivery of a controlled substance.

Former Sailor Cleared of Murder, Rape After Spending 33 Years in Prison Speaks Out — A former U.S. sailor who has spent 33 years in prison was released today after new DNA evidence showed he was wrongfully convicted of murder and rape and says that he regrets that his parents aren’t alive “to enjoy the day” he walked free. Keith Allen Harward, 60, was found guilty for both the 1982 murder of a Newport News, Virginia, man and the rape of his wife. Key to his conviction was testimony by two experts who implicated Harward due to similarities between his teeth and bite marks that were found on the woman’s legs.

He remembers the 1 who couldn’t escape — The ultimate job satisfaction for retiring North Idaho Correctional Institution Warden Lynn Guyer has been to watch inmates successfully turn their lives around. There have been plenty of examples in the past 30 years. Guyer, 52, will retire from a career with the Idaho Department of Correction on April 30 after an open house and staff presentation at the prison near Cottonwood Butte, the Lewiston Tribune reported.

Is Male Rape More Common at College Than in Prison? Yes, Suggests the White House — Today in difficult-to-fathom statistics: sexual abuse is actually more prevalent on college campuses than it is inside U.S. prisons—if information cited by the White House is to be believed. Even crazier: male college students are in greater danger than male inmates. Since that doesn’t actually make a lot of sense, perhaps we should be questioning whether the reports are underreporting prison rape, overreporting college rape, or both.

Los Gatos man admits molesting 2 adopted sons, police say — A Los Gatos sales executive and onetime coffee shop owner accused of molesting a Russian orphan he adopted has admitted to investigators that decades earlier he adopted another boy and sexually abused him as well, police reports say. Ralph Flynn, 71, who is in jail awaiting trial in the recent case, confessed that he molested both boys, with the attacks spanning a decade for each, according to a 100-page arrest report compiled by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office and obtained by The Chronicle.

Sex assault victim advocates worry male victims don’t receive enough support — He didn’t know if he was drunk or drugged, but his body froze as his thoughts raced. “I could tell you everything that happened, but there were periods of time where I felt like it was happening to someone else,” Caleb Byers said. “At one point in time, I actually went out of my own body, and I was looking down at what was going on.” After being sexually assaulted by a 63-year-old in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in June 2012, Byers, who was 20 at the time, said he felt alone.

Turkish Teacher Gets 508 Years in Prison for Child Abuse — A Turkish court sentenced a teacher Wednesday to more than 508 years behind bars for sexually abusing 10 boys under his care at two religious foundations. The state-run Anadolu Agency said the teacher was sentenced at the first hearing of a case that traumatized the country and led to accusations of a cover-up. He was convicted of the charges of sexually abusing the children, restricting their freedoms, malicious injury, and forcing them to watch pornographic imagery, the agency reported.

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