Stop The Abuse: The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted

Often times people want to help others but do not know how. This cannot be any truer than when it comes to helping abused men and boys. The resources sometimes are not apparent and are often difficult to find. Sometimes the resources are hidden or even barred by other groups who wish to polarize the issue. The intent here is to provide those who wish to help male victims with the opportunity to do so. Every month I will post a new link to an organization that provides services for male victims. As the list grows, I will create a page where all the links can be found.

Please remember that you do no have to empty your wallets to help. Even a small donation can go a long way. And for those on the other side of the issue, it would go a long way to demonstrating real concern for all victims if you donated as well.


The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted

The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC) is a Canadian volunteer organization dedicated to preventing and rectifying wrongful convictions.

AIDWYC was founded in 1993. It is the direct successor to the Justice for Guy Paul Morin Committee, a grassroots organization that formed to support Guy Paul Morin immediately following his wrongful conviction in 1992.

When Guy Paul Morin was released on bail in February 1993 pending his appeal, this Committee reconstituted itself as AIDWYC, with the goal of acting in defence of all persons who have been wrongly convicted.

AIDWYC has two broad objectives: first, eradicating the conditions that can cause miscarriages of justice; and second, participating in the review and, where warranted, correction of wrongful convictions.
AIDWYC is a primarily voluntary, non-profit organization. At this time, AIDWYC’s focus is limited to murder convictions only.

Please donate and help make a difference.

10 thoughts on “Stop The Abuse: The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted

  1. Are there any individuals or organizations that provides this assistance for men wrongfully convicted of sex crimes?

  2. Ron, The Innocence Project helps men wrongfully convicted of sex crimes. However, most of the defense organizations limit their assistance to cases they can prove in court. So if its not a case with DNA evidence or a solid alibi, they probably will not take the case.

  3. James Lockyer, who as I recall was the lead in the Morin case, has seemed to me to be the epitome of integrity in the legal profession. This is a truly impressive organization. I have donated in the past. Thank you for reminding the readership of the heights which humans can reach.

    Incidentally I have been following your contributions to the discussions over here ..noseriouslywhatabouttehmenz.. as well as Hugh Ristic’s – thanks for your efforts there too. I frankly lack the patience, containment, and poise to write on those subjects. Many men and boys would appreciate what you are accomplishing – certainly I do.

  4. hi, am a person who lives in california usa i woul like to get any kind of information about this offices in usa any information i will appresiated, i have a brother who was wrongly convicted at the age of 20 and i suffer every day from the deap of my heart thinking that am the person who suppose to healp him get out there, till today he been in for almost 15 yearsplease healp me with some information thank you

  5. Dana, if you need help with a wrongful conviction, please contact the Association or contact the Innocence Project. Both organizations can help with your case.

  6. I believe the Innocence Project is an United States organization. I do not know if they handle international cases. I suggest you contact them and ask. If they do not handle such cases in Canada, they may know of other organizations or legal offices that do.

  7. I would suggest contacting The Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) who would either be able to help or signpost you to someone who can

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