Penn State settlements covered 1971 Sandusky abuse claim

I wrote about the recent court filings that claimed Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky abusing boys as far back as 1976. It appears the claims of abuse go back further:

Penn State’s legal settlements with Jerry Sandusky’s accusers cover alleged abuse dating to 1971, which was 40 years before his arrest, the university said Sunday, providing the first confirmation of the time frame of abuse claims that have led to big payouts.

The disclosure came as Penn State President Eric Barron decried newly revealed allegations that former football coach Joe Paterno was told in 1976 that Sandusky had sexually abused a child and that two assistant coaches witnessed either inappropriate or sexual contact in the late 1980s. Paterno, who died in 2012, had said the first time he had received a complaint against Sandusky was in 2001.

Barron said the accusations were unsubstantiated, and suggested that the university is being subjected unfairly to what he called rumor and innuendo.

Responding to questions about the president’s statement and claims against the school, university spokesman Lawrence Lokman told The Associated Press he could confirm that the earliest year of alleged abuse covered in Penn State’s settlements is 1971.

Sandusky graduated from Penn State in 1965 and returned as a full-time defensive coach in 1969.

I suspect the allegations will go back further than the 1970s. It appears that Sandusky was a prolific serial rapist, and it is unlikely he began abusing boys after he graduated from Penn State. 

This information also supports my suspicion that people knew about the abuse and did nothing. It is difficult to believe that someone like Sandusky, who was brazen in his actions, went undetected for 40 years.

The question now is what would happen if anyone could prove that Penn State or the Second Mile or other authority figures covered up the abuse. Given the age of many of the accusations, most of them would be outside of the statute of limitations. The victims would only be able to file civil suits. Aside from that and possibly firing anyone who knew and failed to report, I do not think there is much anyone could do.

4 thoughts on “Penn State settlements covered 1971 Sandusky abuse claim

  1. In order to develop the kind of obsessive pathology that Sandusky has, he was most certainly molested as a child. His family lived above some kind of health club, where it likely occurred. He may have repeated what he learned with same age friends. As he grew older his emotional development became arrested. If he had sexual relations with boys his own age he would be branded gay. That would be when he targeted kids who “didn’t know better.” Getting away with it made that became routine. He was probably molesting long before he was married.

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  3. That’s how my thinking goes too Rev, since I’ve heard that many times from the “victim offenders” as we called them. I remember talking to an ABC reporter during the Oprah 200 Men show publicity, and I talked about that, and how he made a remark to a detective once about how he wished he could stop. And it didn’t get any traction with the detective. She was kind of dumb struck.

    “Sandusky, who was brazen in his actions, went undetected for 40 years.”

    It’s more “empowering” to say, how we all saw and did nothing for 40 years at the Sanduskys, who are brazen in their actions. That’s the part that leads to prevention.

  4. The 200 Man Show was a sham. She makes IDENTICAL statements as she made in the 1987 show I was on. “This is the first time ever on national TV.” “I was shocked to find out 1 in 6 boys are molested.” She has the nerve to say in the 200 Man Show that, “men were finally ready to come forward and talk to me.”
    A female caller on the first show was molested as a child and was worried she was going to molest her nephew. All the panelists, including Mike Lew, immediately could respond, “go to ANY woman’s shelter.” There was a woman who was molested by her mother with our group. Yet Oprah hires a female pedophile at her girls school. And no mention of female perpetrators on the 200 Man Show even after all the teacher scandals. .

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