The Evolution of Humanism+

While it does not appear anyone uses the term Humanism+, many of the problems that led to the creation and collapse of Atheism+ crept their way into the humanist movement. One would think a movement that presumes all humans deserve equal treatment would already cover social justice concerns about race, gender, and sexuality. Yet as Sargon of Akkad explained in a recent video, the progressive forces who inched their way into the movement argue that humanism does not address social justice issues as it currently stands. The progressives must alter and improve humanism so that the ideology recognizes the uniqueness of each issue.

To understand how baffling this move is, let us use a different example. This move is akin to someone saying “Love everyone” and the progressive shouting “But what about women? And blacks? And gays? And transpeople? And otherkin?” It is as if progressive¬† think the concept of human rights does not apply to those groups. They must have rights specific to them or at least their rights specifically acknowledged.

It is idiotic, and thankfully Sargon has the patience to walk us through it to understand how progressives got to this point:


2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Humanism+

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  2. Humanism doesn’t need a plus. It encompasses all humans. Clue’s in the name.

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