The Social Justice Right to Silence Free Speech

If ever there were evidence that modern social justice movements are not about equality or non-violence, the recent incident at Depaul University proved it. Milo Yiannopoulos is currently on his Dangerous Faggot tour. He goes from college to college giving speeches about social justice movements on college campuses.

Milo barely started his talk at Depaul when two people stormed the stage and threaten to assault him. The security guards, which Depaul required and Milo paid for, did nothing remove the individuals. According to the Huffington Post, Depaul administrators barred the Chicago police officers present at the event from stepping in. The incident was stunning:

Milo ended the event after 15 minutes of dealing with this madness. According to an interview he had with Joe Walsh, the security team that would not remove the belligerent students from the stage would not allow Milo back into the building out of fear for his safety. Apparently that fear did not arise when someone threatened to punch Milo in the face or when someone shock their fist near Milo’s face.

The people who engage in this behavior are thoroughly indoctrinated. It is not that they do not know that they are silencing opposing voices; it is that they were taught that any speech that does not conform to their world view is “hate speech” and therefore disallowed.

These people are taught to be bigots. They are taught to think less of others based on sex, race, nationality, religion, sexuality, and wealth. They are taught to endue the privilege of victimhood onto certain groups. They are taught that certain people are “oppressors” who can never shed their oppressive tendencies.

As a friend of mine would say, the crazy is strong with this group of people. They so completely believe what they say that there is no way of convincing them to see the other side. They are as fundamentalist as any religious ideologue, and just as prone to threats and actual instances of violence.

This behavior is absolutely disgusting. Part of the point of college is to experience different perspectives. No one should have to shut down an event before the conversation even begins. What makes this worse is that nothing Milo said is unusual. While he may be a provocateur, his opinions are hardly new. Scores of people criticize feminism and the Black Lives Matter movement for their blatant bigotry and misguided victimology. No one requires others to agree with this position. However, it is best to hear the opinion before disagreeing with it.

Yet the modern social justice movement is so thin-skinned that merely asking questions will set the supporters into conniptions. They cannot cope with any level of disagreement, even among themselves. Everyone must share the same mind, and everyone must willingly agree to this.

The modern social justice movement — complete with its redefining of words, changing history to suit its ever shifting perspectives, and its torturous propensity to make people confess their sin of “privilege” — is the very definition of Orwellian. What makes this so frightening is not that these people exist. They are nothing new. It is that so many people, despite being outraged by this behavior, remain silent and ignore it rather than stamping it down.

One day they will decide they had enough, but it will be too late to do anything about it. That day is not far away.


8 thoughts on “The Social Justice Right to Silence Free Speech

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  2. If the government doesn’t act you have to, and use all the violence you want. Savages only understand force. They see kindness as a weakness. The escalation of violence at every appeasement of these inferior creatures is due to their Stone Age Savage inferior mind seeing any compromise as total surrender. Only when they die and their bodies are piled high will these inferior failed races realize they do not belong in human societies and that time has passed them by and they no longer have a place in a World advanced to the Space Age. Space Age Worlds need to eliminate Stone Age Savages. They are a useless and dangerous wild animal that serves no purpose anymore. Extinction of failed species is essential to the continued process of Natural Selection. We need to leave this garbage behind to see our future amongst the stars.

  3. Joshua, I would not characterize the social justice crowd as “savages”, although I agree that they do lack a willingness to engage in civil discourse. I do not think sinking to their level will work, largely because they have too many supporters in the media. Look at how this tactic has not worked against the Black Lives Matter movement. There is little coverage of the movement’s bad actors in progressive spaces. Anyone who does not follow right-wing outlets would likely never know those acts occurred. In contrast, every time a Trump supporter says something nutty, the left-wing media outlets report it.

    This is precisely what would happen if anyone retaliates with violence. The left will report only those acts, giving the false impression that the opposition is violent.

  4. It’s interesting how Milo and the woman threatening him… the dynamic is exactly like the domestic violence situation. He is cowering, the woman aggresses, the police are literally watching ready to arrest Milo if he defends himself. I’m surprised no one is pointing this out.

    Her fist looks to be about 3 inches from his face but face and fist in-line with the camera it’s hard to tell.

    “so many people, despite being outraged by this behavior, remain silent and ignore it rather than stamping it down.”

    I don’t “ignore it” but people are afraid. How do you respond to this, seriously? The enemy here is the state, not this violent chick shaking her fist. It’s six guys with guns and her against Milo here and she knows it. “stamping it down” will get you arrested or shot, so, idk, I’d suggest a tactic more likely to succeed if you attack the state.

    And they are shouting “Stop that Trump”? I don’t like Trump nor his success exactly, but I find it kind of fascinating about what it says about our culture. His success with a tendency to “hit back hard”, get even nastier than the attack he’s getting, shows you one option. So, actually, I agree with you. I’ve decided not to remain silent and ignore it any more because this stuff is showing up in my daily life far, far too often up here in liberal Minneapolis. Trump of course has a team of secret service men with guns and wears a bullet proof vest while he does it. I’d suggest you have that handy as well before you do any “stamping it down”. But yes, it’s time to stop ignoring this.

  5. After watching that video i know who I now have more respect for. And it isn’t the people acting like asshats.

    If I was Milo, I’d want a refund on the “Security” because that was pathetic. I’d also be asking loudly if the university gave the BLM goons tacit approval for their little stunt.

  6. I have no idea what BLM is all about, being not from these shores, but the guy on stage seems to be more interested in pumping his ego than an actual civil rights-style struggle.

  7. It just occurred to me though, that the conduct of these people is not too dissimilar to the pro-independence groups in Scotland two years ago. They behaved in exactly the same way towards Unionist groups in Scotland, attacking them physically and verbally, calling them nasty and abusive names, and accused them of being ‘anti-Scottish’ or ‘not real Scots’. I gave my (mostly) neutral two cents on the subject after the referendum on facebook (more fool me), and got a barrage of angry words from a Scottish university friend of mine. Not arguing for or against their beliefs, but their behaviour is eerily uncanny.

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