Feminists now want to “reclaim” #NotAllMen

A group of feminists want to reclaim the hashtag #NotAllMen. This comes after feminists spent a fair amount of time turning the hashtag into an anti-male meme used whenever any man challenged a feminist narrative.

This idea of feminists “reclaiming” a hashtag they essentially created and ruined so asinine that I will not bother trying to explain it. I will quote the source and provide further links. From /r/MensLib:

So, this is inspired by a friend who I am stealing most of my recent ideas from.

We all know that #notallmen has become a joke, based on the prevalent idea that the term is used almost exclusively in a way to shut down an idea or complaint, and while I do feel that sometimes the actual #notallmen meme has been used to shut down discussion or complaints too (and it has), I think its about time we start taking what is a joke, and turn it into something that could help men, in a show of solidarity. I’m thinking, we use a quality in ourselves, something that is not traditionally considered masculine, and we put it out there. This isn’t about saying “real men don’t need to be X” or “real men are y”, but its about saying “I’m a man, and I don’t need to z”. I’m hoping that this sort of thing help people see that its okay be who we are, instead of trying to live up to a standard of masculinity that we just don’t want to live up to.

An example.

I’m very sexually reserved. Period. That means that I don’t tend to initiate sexual conversations, and I tend to be very slow with basic touching, even in what I know are dates (I remember, it took me over a week to hold my first dates hand). It means that often, I feel like I’m being left behind in relationships, because I don’t make that initial plunge(Hehe) that other men do, that lets the chemistry start happen. But, it took me a long time, and I realize, I prefer this. The social anxiety that I get for feeling like I need to push boundaries, the fear that I’m just going to hurt somebody, the actual pain I’ve caused by hurting people in the past, its just not something I’m ready to, or want to change. It may hurt me in the romantic world, but it won’t stop me.


Oh, and if you guys want to actually start this on twitter, go nuts! I have no idea what the hell I’m doing there.

Of course, as is true with most nonsensical self-emasculation by male feminists, the inspiration for this reclamation actually mocks men:

Let’s Claim #NotAllMen Campaign

Since MRAs have made it their most important job to intercept every feminist campaign, with #NotAllMen, we decided to claim the hashtag and change the narrative.

So, if you want to say something that talks about MRAs like this,

#NotAllMen can stop mansplaining
#NotAllMen (cis hetero) know where the clitoris is

Or if you want to say something educative like this

#NotAllMen have penises

Write to us and we will share it as part of our campaign.

I do want to comment of this one part: #NotAllMen (cis hetero) know where the clitoris is

It is very giving for these Indian feminists to imply that homosexual men, who would have the least experience with vaginas, would know where the clitoris is.

7 thoughts on “Feminists now want to “reclaim” #NotAllMen

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  2. Once again, they rag on a subset of men (supposedly) by using the word “men” instead of the word for that subset. Gosh, why do people think feminists are anti-man?

  3. “I’m very sexually reserved. Period. That means that I don’t tend to initiate sexual conversations, and I tend to be very slow with basic touching, even in what I know are dates (I remember, it took me over a week to hold my first dates hand).”

    They actually think every man is a horn dog that barks risque conversation every second sentence or so with two hands itching to feel up the nearest breast or butt. Holy projection city, Batman!

  4. Ealge35-

    Not to mention that neither of the three things mentioned are examples of being sexually forward at all. Just examples of having a problem with basic human intimacy. Whch, if anything, is a problem that can lead to rape.


  5. They complain about stereotypes of men THEY CAME UP WITH.

    Not to mention none of them have a clue of what they’re talking about.

  6. As fun as it is to mock them for this, I think we really ought to be proactive and NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Words shape and define thought, and all it takes is for #notallmen to become lodged in the popular consciousness and the battle for equality becomes that much more difficult. We don’t need to control the narrative, but we can’t let ourselves be put into boxes by things like this.

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