Man raped at gunpoint by three women

Three South African women kidnapped and raped a man to collect his semen:

According to reports, the three women were driving in a black BMW when they spotted the unsuspecting pedestrian and stopped in the pretense of asking him for directions. One of the women then pointed a gun to his face and forced him into the car.

The women drove the man 500 kilometers (about 311 miles) to a location where they attempted to rape him. When they could not get him aroused, they forced the man to drink a concoction that induced an erection. They repeatedly raped the man, collecting his semen and storing it in a cooler after each ejaculation.

The report states that these incidents are becoming more common. Similar crimes occurred in Johannesburg and Gauteng. Police have yet to arrest anyone for the crimes. It is possible that the assaults stem from an attempt to use the semen as part of traditional medicine:

“There can be a demand for sperm in traditional medicines. The potion the women gave this man to make him stronger possibly may also have been some “muti” they had prepared, or bought for this purpose,” he said.

Adding, “I have experience in investigating other ‘muti’ crimes, where private parts were stolen for witchcraft, but this is the first time I have heard of semen being stolen. We are looking at links with other reported crimes that have similarities.”

None of the reports I read were clear on how seriously police take these crimes. I suspect that part of the reason, likely the primary reason, why no arrests have occurred is because the police to not treat this as an important issue. Yet it is an important issue.

People often assume that women are incapable of committing rape. These crimes prove this wrong. People often assume no man can be raped if he does not want to have sex. These crimes prove this wrong. People assume that the men must enjoy it. These crimes prove this wrong:

A man who was grabbed by three women in a black BMW last week and raped at gunpoint has described his “shock, disbelief and pain” at the incident.

The 33-year-old Zimbabwean man told the UK’s Daily Mail that he is now too scared to leave his home.

If the police do take this seriously, hopefully this will lead to a change in social norms in African countries. In most African countries people do not consider it possible for males to be victims of rape. Their laws often exclude males as potential victims and females as potential offenders. Most of the support services ignore or are openly hostile toward male victims. When added to the social norms in many of those societies, this creates a situation in which assaulted men and boys have nowhere to turn for help.

Given the media attention this case received, perhaps that will change.


5 thoughts on “Man raped at gunpoint by three women

  1. Double standard. You have the dick, how can you be raped? Its absolute bullshit that this man was by all means, forced perform a sexual act with these “women”. Flip genders and this would make national headlines.

  2. Isn’t the beauty of Karma that everyone gets their inflicted pain back eventually? The whole ‘women are oppressed’ thing is funny in this perspective. Who knows what all those ‘victims’ did to have it coming?

    Yesterday, I saw a post about a mother blaming the school for her girl getting beaten by a boy. Does anyone ask the boy why he did it? Whether she had provoked him? Nope. They are just sheepy sheep circle-jerking the ‘violence is always wrong’ hymn.

  3. Because they’re used to schools/governments/police etc as their muscle to defend them without thought. Think about it. How many domestic violence calls result in the guy having to leave or getting arrested? Imagine if college guys started accusing girls they’ve had consensual sex with as rape? They’d go ballistic.

  4. “imagine if college guys started accusing girls they’ve had consensual sex with (of) rape?”
    better yet, imagine if college guys started accusing girls who’ve raped them of rape.

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