Bulletin Board v292

Australian Defence Force male recruits share stories of forced sodomy to Royal Commission — Horror stories about sexual abuse of teen recruits to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) continue to surface two years after the sexual abuse on 207 male teens from 1960 to 1984 while aboard HMAS Leeuwin came out. On Tuesday, the mother of a female teen recruit described the horrific sex acts done on her daughter which led the 15-year-old to commit suicide.

Child-sex abuse victim whose abuser is in Australian prison says Brooklyn Jewish group ignored, covered up allegations — Manny Waks says he was sexually abused as a child in Melbourne, Australia, by a member of the Brooklyn-based Chabad-Lubavitch sect. And like many other victims around the globe, the activist says, he’s been unable to get justice from the organization because of New York’s statute of limitations. Under New York State law, survivors have to file lawsuits by their 23rd birthday.

Convicted paedophile awaits sentencing for abuse of boys — The 69-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victims, pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to three charges of sexual abuse on dates between January 1991 and May 1991 while the boys were aged five and 14-years-old. The youngest victim, now 30-years-old, said the man lived in a camper van next to his parent’s home. He said he was a friend of his parent’s and said “they trusted him, so I trusted him”.

D.A. Jeff Rosen introduces bill to send ‘next Brock Turner’ to prison — In response to a public outcry over the light sentence given to a former Stanford student-athlete convicted of sexual assault, Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen Wednesday unveiled legislation that would toughen penalties for sexually assaulting an unconscious person — a crime that can now result in probation instead of prison. The announcement came on the same day a new online poll showed strong support for recalling the judge who sentenced Brock Turner to county jail.

Former boy Scouts urged to come forward over historic sexual assault cases — Detectives have appealed to Scouts from around the world to contact them if they believe they were sexually assaulted while attending a camp in Dorset. The plea follows the arrest of a Scout leader who was later charged for a historic case of sexual assaulting a child aged 14 or under at the camp. Paul Cherrett was an Assistant Commissioner in Dorset, where boys regularly congregated on the officially organised site.

Prosecutors won’t request files on former Anniston scoutmaster unless abuse victims come forward — The Boy Scouts of America say the organization may or may not have a confidential file with allegations of abuse on a former Anniston man who led a troop in the 1960s, and who has admitted to molesting boys in Georgia after moving there. The Boy Scouts would release the file to police, if asked, said Daniel Giles, director of marketing and activities for the Greater Alabama Council of the Boy Scouts of America, speaking by phone last week.

REPORT: New York’s biggest jail has a huge problem with sexual abuse — New York City’s Rikers Island jail has entrenched problems dealing with sexual abuse, including emergency hotlines that don’t work, confidential complaints read by fellow inmates and investigations that don’t interview alleged attackers, according to an internal review obtained by The Associated Press.

Sandusky accuser asks to limit questioning, keep his abuse private — A man who claims he told Penn State football coach Joe Paterno in 1976 that he was sexually abused as a teen by Jerry Sandusky asked a judge Wednesday to protect his identity and limit questioning by lawyers in a lawsuit brought by Paterno’s family against college sports’ governing body.

Vital research into male domestic violence under threat – because victims won’t come forward — Vital research at a North East university could get scrapped – because men are too reluctant to reveal they are the victims of a hidden crime. A valuable research project that could potentially help hundreds of male victims of domestic violence is under way at the University of Sunderland. But with just a month to go before funding runs out, the project is under threat because not enough participants have come forward.

Why are we shocked when women commit violent crimes? — The idea of a woman being violent, even murderous, is shocking. But why? Is violence at the hands of women somehow different to that at the hands of men? Regardless, we don’t treat male and female violence the same. Female offenders are often cruelly stereotyped by the media, and they – and their victims – can be poorly served by the criminal justice system.

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