“This is a place of love and inclusion. You’re not welcome here.”

I am occasionally asked why I do not associate with the progressive side considering that my politics are rather to the left. I could go into a long-winded explanation, however, a recent video shows precisely why I will never side with the progressives. Here is a description of the video from YouTube:

While attending the Portland, Oregon vigil for the victims of the Orlando Pulse shooting, our videographer is accosted by several members of the LGBT and other SJW communities, accused of being a “white nationalist” and quickly surrounded.

Several wackjobs get right in the camera and start screaming incoherently. They are telling the cameraman that he needs to leave, claiming that his mere presence there is making people “unsafe”, and after getting backed up while one land whale is encouraging others to harass him, they claim that no one is trying to hurt him. All the while, Ceasefire Oregon director Penny Okamoto watches and films, most likely with the hopes that the cameraman will get violent, which never happens.

That is rather tame. The video is a thing of special magnificence:

The English language lacks the words to describe what occurred in the video. While all progressives do not engage in the same level of mob-fueled insanity displayed in the video, the logic that drove those people to behave that way is found in most progressives. It is the notion of opposition to “bigoted” ideas, specifically giving them no platform with which to share their “bigoted” ideas.

This is not a terrible position in theory. One would not want, for example, anti-gay activists appearing at gay-focused events. It becomes tricky, however, when there is only an accusation and no evidence of wrong think. Unfortunately, this type of “no platform” thinking leads to the latter happening quite frequently. That is largely because the accusation is enough to set off a hate-fueled mob mentality. This happened during the video.

Most frightening is how quickly they took to attacking the cameraman. They used an unsubstantiated accusation as an excuse to vent their rage about the recent Orlando shooting. Unless the video was heavily edited, it appears that they attacked the man at random. He does not appear to say or do anything to prompt their response. What makes it worse is that as other people join in, the accusations change. The “offending” cameraman goes from a “white nationalist” to an “anarchist” because someone shouted this affiliation. One woman claims that they “know what he wrote” despite apparently having no prior interaction with the man.

Most astounding was one man attempting to push the cameraman out of the area. In best display of the contradictory logic that guides the progressive left, the man says to the cameraman, with utter sincerity and not a hint of any cognition of the words coming out of his mouth, “This is a place of love and inclusion. You’re not welcome here.”

The unfortunate part is that this man likely believes what he said. He does not see the cognitive dissonance in his own statement. He genuinely believes that one can simultaneously claim to support inclusion while excluding people based on arbitrary factors.

This is the progressive left. This is what they look like when they are left to their own devices. This is how they behave when they have power. This is how they treat anyone who does not agree with them. If they are not outright threatening or ironically contradictory, then they are condescending and passive aggressive, as the young man and woman are toward the end of the video.

While all progressives are not like this, many of those who run the movement behave in this fashion. To associate with a group of people this openly bigoted and this prone to the mob mentality requires a level of gullibility and masochism I am incapable of performing.

I cannot see how anyone with a rational mind or any level of decency would ever want to associate with this type of movement.


5 thoughts on ““This is a place of love and inclusion. You’re not welcome here.”

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  2. violence is associated with the left because it does not recognize objective morality. Thus reason can not be used to support their cause.

  3. I prefer the term regressive left really. Progressive means progression for society to improve. Regressive on the other hand means the opposite, but they can’t call you racist for using the term because the term ‘regressive left’ was coined by a south asian muslim man, not a white man.

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