What Does Feminism Mean?

Sargon of Akkad posted a video about the meaning of feminism in the modern world. It specifically outlines feminism’s usefulness, what it has become, and how it is deployed by its adherents.

Much of his video reminds me of what I read in Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer. Hoffer explains how mass movements work, why they fail, and what they do when they meet their goals. Reading the book with feminism in mind is quite enlightening, and much of what Sargon covers seems torn from its pages.

Modern feminism is without a real reason to exist. Sargon often asks feminists to name one right that men have in the West that women do not. To my knowledge, he has not received a single answer. All of the major problems women faced in the West have been solved. The issue now is primarily one of application, specifically implementing the laws and policies that were created.

Yet feminism does not go away. Too many people are attached to the ideology, so they seek new issues to fight for and end up diluting the movement. This is how we reach the point of arguing over cultural appropriation or women’s lived experiences. Feminists essentially have nothing else to do, so any little thing will suffice.

I highly recommend reading Eric Hoffer’s book. It helps to understand mass movements like feminism, particularly why they are so prone to extremes. It also helps to understand why movements like the men’s rights movement struggle rather than succeed.

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