Bulletin Board v294

British man prosecuted after confronting priest who abused him as a boy — A British man who says he was abused by a Catholic missionary almost 50 years ago is being prosecuted in the Italian courts after he travelled to Verona to forgive his abuser. Mark Murray (60) was one of 11 men who settled out of court with the Comboni missionary order for abuse suffered during the 1960s and 1970s at Mirfield in Yorkshire. They received sums of between £7,000 and £30,000, paid by the order.

Do western feminists view the rest of the world differently? — Dear western feminists, As a woman raised in Afghanistan, I cringe when I type the word “western”. I know that the experience of being a woman in this world is fundamentally the same. When I write “western”, I don’t write it because I believe that you are physically different to me. After all, what better evidence is there for our basic common humanity as women than breast cancer? The disease has no respect for our ethnic or cultural particularities. It attacks all of us equally, with the indiscriminate force of universality.

Female Sing Sing guard admits to raping male inmate — A former corrections officer at Sing Sing Correctional Facility admitted Tuesday to raping an inmate while on the job in May 2015, according to authorities. Evita Hinds, 35, of Queens, pleaded guilty to one count of third degree rape, a class E felony. She faces up to four years in state prison when she is sentenced in October, Acting Westchester County District Attorney James A. McCarty said in a news release.

He went to prison for rape. Proof of his innocence surfaced 25 years later. — Handcuffed and dressed in orange jail garb, Darryl Pinkins was led to an office at the Lake County Jail in Northwest Indiana. It was a Friday afternoon in April, three days before a court hearing Pinkins had been waiting for. The hearing would mark the next battle in what had become a long fight to prove his innocence. Now, after having been locked up for 25 years, the 63-year-old Gary man felt he finally had a real shot at freedom. Scientists were expected to testify about new DNA technology — technology that could show Pinkins wasn’t connected to the crime.

Lawmakers push to keep juveniles out of adult prisons — About 74 teens who were not old enough to sit on a jury are serving their sentences next to some of the state’s roughly 45,000 adult prisoners. Mixing teens and adults in prison is a bad formula, juvenile justice advocates say, and they’re pushing the state to increase to 18 the age at which juveniles can be tried as adults.

Paedophile priest had links to other infamous child abusers — In her report on clerical sex abuse in the Dublin archdiocese, which was published in 2009, Judge Yvonne Murphy found “worrying connections” between some paedophile priests, including Fr Walsh and another paedophile, Fr Bill Carney, both of whom spent their formative years in Ballyfermot. However, she found no evidence that they were part of a “paedophile ring”.

Sentenced twice over — Five years after the demise of apartheid, Vincent, a young, fresh-faced man arrived in remand detention in a Western Cape facility. Vincent had never been to prison before, and when he arrived he was thrown into an overcrowded cell that held first-time inmates and long-standing gang members. He was scared to death and, sadly, his fears were confirmed: on his first night, he was raped – by two different inmates.

Teen spends year in prison for false rape accusation — A Jefferson County teen has been released from prison after a jury returned a verdict of not guilty on Wednesday for two felony counts of second-degree sexual assault. Jordan Berry, 18, was released after serving more than a year in prison for a crime he did not commit. After an hour and a half of deliberation, the seven male and five female jurors returned a not guilty verdict on all counts against Berry. “Justice has been served,” said Brenda Williams, Berry’s mother. “I knew he was innocent from the beginning.”


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