The Rubin Report: Scott Adams

Dave Rubin interviewed Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip Dilbert. I found this interview interesting because Adams discussed something I noticed about Donald Trump. While I do not support Trump, I do understand the game he is playing. Adams breaks down how Trump uses various techniques to get people to react the way he wants.

I think it is important for people to pay attention to this part of the interview because so many people are certain Trump will lose. They do not factor in the number of people who intend to vote for Trump but do not say so. They also do not factor in how assumptions about how easily Clinton will win could result in fewer of her supporters coming to the polls. When you listen to what Adams says, you can see the game Trump plays. It is quite brilliant.

Consider that despite all the negative commentary about Trump, all of his statements, all of his antics, he is still within the margin of error in many polls. He has little infrastructure, no real campaign management, and little monetary support. By any general metric, he should have no chance, and yet it is still possible for him to win without him ever putting much effort into it.


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