The Rubin Report: Karen Straughan

Dave Rubin allowed Karen Straughan to dominate his show. I suppose the technical phrase is “he interviewed her”, however, Rubin barely had a chance to ask questions.

All joking aside, it is pretty good interview. I give Rubin credit for his balance. He tries to get as many different voices on his show, and whether he agrees with their positions or not, he allows them to speak. That usually does not apply to professed men’s rights activists or anti-feminists. Those who wish to discuss their views rarely conduct interviews with MRAs or anti-feminists. When they do, the presentation of the opposing position looks more like a parody than a serious review.

Rubin does none of this in the interview. He simply lets Straughan speak, although in fairness, she would have done that anyway. The only person I can think of who could outdo the Karen Train is Milo Yiannopoulos. Yet as a result, Sraughan covers a host of topics, from the pettiness of some online feminists to the abuse of Afghan boys.

It is a good interview that is worth listening to, although you may forget that Rubin is there if you do not look at the screen.


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