The Rubin Report: Thunderf00t

Dave Rubin interviewed Youtuber Thunderf00t for his show The Rubin Report. Thunderf00t is a well-known scientist who takes apart religion and feminism on his YouTube channel. He began with tackling the religious, particularly Christians, and found they did not like him. However, the Christian backlash paled in comparison to the feminist response.  Feminists have tried to get his channel pulled and to get him fired from his job, all because he challenges their views.

The interview covers most of those topics, as well as Thunderf00t and Sargon of Akkad’s disagreement over the Brexit issue.

I must give Rubin credit again for his interviewing style. While I suspect he agrees more than he disagrees with Thundef00t, it is refreshing to see someone engage with people like Thunderf00t, That Guy T, and Karen Straughan in a fair manner. There are no attacks, no attempts at gotcha questions, and no desire to undermine their position. He allows them to share their positions, and allows the audience to draw whatever conclusions they will.

That is the proper way to conduct an interview.

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