Hypocrisy, thy name is Candy

How many memes does it take to get to the center of hypocrisy?

Apparently it only takes one.  Donald Trump Jr. revealed just how hypocritical the left can be. Trump Jr. tweeted: “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”


The internet lost its collective mind. One look at the news feed reveals how instantaneously people drew together for a dogpile. The general consensus is that the analogy is bigoted, racist, and completely illogical.

That is accurate. It is also rather convenient for the progressive left to notice this now. Two years ago it appeared to escape their minds. Following the Santa Barbara shootings, some of them tweeted,  “You say not all men are monsters? Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. 10% of them are poisoned. Go Ahead. Eat a handful. Not all M&Ms are poison!”


The tweet made the rounds on social media, with plenty of progressives and feminists defending it as completely logical and rational. As the person who originally tweeted the meme stated:

I still stand by what I said. If a marginalized person is fearful of a systematic oppression that seems determined to harm or even kill them… I do not fault them for distrusting people as a precaution. […] If you think I am in error and a moron for feeling this way, so be it. But it would be nice if you actually understood the intention of my statement before making that judgment of me. Those who sent me messages thought I just hated all men.

Yet these same people now object to the Skittles comparison. The analogy is identical: a handful of members of a group engage in violence that terrifies a portion of the population. That portion then fears the group in general because they cannot tell which members are safe and which pose a threat.

The only difference is that males are an acceptable target. It is okay to fear men. It is okay to hate men. It is okay to imply that until proven otherwise all men are rapists.

But you cannot say this of Syrian refugees. They have nuanced experiences. Most of them pose no threat to anyone. It is unconscionable to distrust them over a handful of bad actors.

This results in people ironically opposing something they considered valid two years ago. It also results in this kind of clustered idiocy from feminist sites like the Bustle:

The Skittles meme message has been used before on multiple occasions, meaning you can only blame Trump Jr. for its distribution, not its inception. However, even with the benefit of hindsight, Trump Jr. and the campaign did little to improve upon the underlying statistical and rhetorical flaws in the argument, which remain both inaccurate and morally bankrupt.

That is interesting. I searched for a half hour trying to find feminists who objected to the 2014 meme. Outside of feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers, I could not find any feminists or progressives objecting to the analogy. They all appeared to support it, finding it just as accurate and morally justified as its creator.

The most entertaining part of this is watching the progressive media report on this. They are trying to tie the meme to anti-Semitic, Nazi-era propaganda. Yet they still must acknowledge that the meme’s popularity comes primarily from the anti-male feminist meme. Given the logic of their argument, this would make the feminist meme anti-Semitic as well, although none of them will admit that.

It is simply a brilliant display of gross hypocrisy.

3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy, thy name is Candy

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  2. There’s no hypocrisy here.
    I fully acknowledge your fear, but just as I don’t accept the abused women’s fear as justifiable reason to ban all men from public space, I don’t accept your fear as justifiable reason to ban Syrian refugees.
    Punishing the 90 innocent men for what the 10 guilty ones did is unfair. Why would it be less unfair to punish the 97 innocent Syrian refugees of what 3 of them might do?
    Are you saying you are more of a coward than these raped women (1 of every 5 women has been raped)? THEY dare to enter the streets, go to work, and interact with men.

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