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Elementary School Teacher Killed in Apparent Murder-Suicide May Have Abused Multiple Kids: Reports — A Minnesota elementary school teacher and his husband, who were found dead last week in an apparent murder-suicide in Washington state, may have sexually abused multiple underage boys, according to reports. Aric Babbitt, 40, and Matthew Deyo, 36, were reportedly found dead on Lopez Island on Aug. 25, just two weeks after one of Babbitt’s former students went to police and accused him of sexual assault.

Exposed: UP’s hell prison where inmates suffer vicious torture and corruption — The crime team of India Today has unearthed a prison that has turned into a vicious hub of third-degree torture, abuse and corruption. Here, an inmate is pinned down on the ground, with his feet up and locked in bamboo sticks by fellow prisoners. Unbearable screams pierce through the large hall as a deputy jailer unleashes a flurry of club blows on his bare soles.

Family of malnourished boy found dead in Echo Park closet had been reported to social workers six times — Days apart in 2012, two teachers contacted the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services about a young boy named Yonatan Daniel Aguilar. One reported that the boy was suffering from general neglect. Another said he had a black eye. County social workers interviewed school employees, including a soccer coach and a special education teacher.

Inmate Says He Was Raped by a Harris County Jailer — Courtney Richardson, incarcerated in the Harris County Jail on charges of vehicular manslaughter, thought he was going crazy, and in many ways, he was. His eyes were so red from lack of sleep that it looked like he had been on drugs. He told the jail’s mental health staff he had been tempted with thoughts of suicide — the nightmares would stop then — and so he was placed in solitary confinement for more than a month, stripped of his clothes and given only a protective suicide blanket. He hated it there but, still, was fearful of leaving his cell, scared he would run into the guard he says sexually assaulted him on March 7.

Is Modern Academic Feminism Harming Women? — By many measures, American women are thriving. Compared to men, they are more likely to graduate high school, finish college, and continue on to graduate school. Women also make up about half or more of the number of students in law, medical, and business administration graduate programs. And women now obtain more PhD degrees than men. There are fields in which men still outnumber women, but at the same time women have pretty much taken over a number of disciplines such as psychology and veterinary medicine. Women can now freely choose whatever career path they want and are making their choices based on personal preferences and priorities.

Paedophile Marist Brother asked mother if boy left suicide note, inquiry told — After 13-year-old Andrew Nash took his own life, a now-notorious paedophile Marist brother turned up to his house and asked his mother whether the boy had left a note. More than four decades later, the Newcastle boy’s 90-year-old mother has told the royal commission she believes the brother had been sexually abusing her son. Audrey Nash on Tuesday recalled hailing a taxi driver and telling him to get an ambulance and a priest after finding her son hanging in his bedroom in October, 1974. Three priests and three Marist brothers, including Andrew’s class master Brother Romuald, turned up, she said.

Rape charges dropped, but NJ university expels male student anyway — The student, identified in a federal lawsuit against Rider only as “John Doe,” was disciplined in December after a campus administrative panel found him at fault for an alleged sexual assault of two females student in a dorm room. The student, however, was never prosecuted, despite an investigation by campus and municipal police and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. The lawsuit says the female students gave conflicting and contradictory statements to police, with their stories going from a kissing and heavy petting incident to one of forced penetration and attempted oral sodomy.

Survivors still picking up the pieces decades after abuse at hands of paedophile priest Vincent Ryan — A NOTORIOUS paedophile priest laughed while he watched boys as young as six years old have sex with one another. One of those boys, Scott Hallett, says he is scarred by what he was forced to do by NSW priest Vincent Ryan but, at the time, he did not realise he was being abused. “At the time I didn’t know what Father Ryan was doing was wrong,” Mr Hallett, 51, told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse this week.

Upland man who used food, privileges to sexually abuse boy sentenced to 106 years — The Upland man convicted of forcing his nephew to perform sexual acts before signing the boy’s homework was sentenced to 106 years in state prison. Mario Hernandez, 59, withheld food and privileges from the victim unless he submitted to sexual acts, saying, “You owe me,” according to Deputy District Attorney Karen Schmauss, who prosecuted the case. “He would also refuse to sign the boy’s school planner if he did not cooperate,” Schmauss said in a statement. “As the victim grew older, Hernandez threatened harm to the boy and his brother if they told anyone.”

Woman Recorded Shocking Sexual Abuse On Child For Money — A New Jersey woman who filmed sex acts with a child has been sentenced in prison, and the details surrounding her actions are making media headlines. WFLX News reports that 30-year-old Pamela Dziminski was convicted after she admitted to what she had done. The incidents reportedly took place earlier this year. Authorities in Ewing became aware of the abuse when videos and photos of it were posted on the internet. What resulted was an investigation that led to the arrest of the 30-year-old New Jersey woman.

Why does the CPS report on violence against women include men in the stats? — Male violence against women is both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality, in this country and across the world. It is right and essential that official bodies strive to reduce and eliminate such offences, as an end in itself and as part of a broader strategy to combat gender-based injustice. The Crown Prosecution Service has just published its annual performance review titled Violence Against Women and Girls: Crime Report. This year, for the first time, tucked away in parentheses on the front page, are seven new words: “(Inclusive of data on men and boys.)”

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