The Boy with the Henna Tattoo

I wrote about a case a few years ago involving a gay couple who groomed their son for sexual abuse. Peter Truong and Mark Newton bought their son “Adam” for $8,000 from a Russian woman. When Adam was almost 2-years-old, they began sexually abusing him. They continued this for years, grooming him for sex with other men. They eventually allowed other men from their “boylover” network to have sex with their son. They would travel the world to meet these men, “sharing” Adam with them, sometimes in exchange for sex with boys in those men’s care, but often simply to allow the men the chance to have sex with Adam.

The pair recorded Adam constantly. Most of their family videos were of everyday activities. However, they also recorded their sexual abuse of their son, along with the other men’s abuse of the boy. They shared these videos and pictures among their network of pedophiles, and became rather popular.

How authorities caught them is rather elaborate. Police in two different countries stumbled onto pictures of Adam, and later an extensive pedophile network. The case hinged on identifying the boy in the pictures. The only thing the police had to work with was a mole on the boy’s stomach and a henna tattoo. These two pieces of evidence helped bring down one of the largest pedophile networks authorities have seen.

The Australian show Four Corners covered the story shortly after Truong was sentenced to 30 years in prison:

The piece is graphic and detailed, yet I am glad that they chose to reveal that information because people do not realize what child abuse victims really go through. It is difficult to listen to and watch, and I can understand why some would want to avoid it. Yet avoiding it is partly what allows this type of abuse to go unnoticed.

That said, this particular group went well out of its way to hide itself. The authorities could not crack the encryption on Truong’s hard drives. They were only able to track down the group known as Tales (Tails?) of the Dragon because some of the members were sloppy. These people would otherwise have gone unnoticed as they traveled from country to country “sharing” boys.

In one of my posts about this case, I noted that Truong claimed he was a victim of abuse. The reports at the time were general, and I gave him no quarter. I do not think past abuse is an excuse or reason for abusing someone else.

The Four Corners piece provides more information, and as a result I must revise my position. According to the expert who treated Truong, a family friend or relative targeted Truong when he was 9-years-old and apparently continued the sexual abuse until Truong moved to the United States at 18. As a child, Truong realized that he was gay and began searching the internet for a place to fit in. He ended up on a boylove where the men groomed him into thinking sex with adults was normal. It was one of these men that Truong lived with when he came to the States. This man later told Truong to start a relationship with Mark Newton. He also later suggested that Truong should have a child, which the rest of the network agreed with.

According to the expert, Truong’s sexual interest is in older adult men. This seems accurate based on the information presented in the piece. As such, I must adjust my view of Truong by saying that he may not be a pedophile, and it may not be inherent in his nature to prey on children. It does appear that this boylove group groomed him to do the things he did.

That does not absolve him of any responsibility. There is no way one cannot know that a toddler is not sexual being. There is no way he could not know that his son did not want to engage in those acts. At one point in the piece, one of the investigators recounted an instance from a video where Truong told Adam that the boy was being disrespectful because Adam wanted to play rather than engage in the sex act.

Again, there is no way not to know there is something wrong with this. I say this as someone who was raised in a similar manner. I was told similar things. Yet even then, even growing up with this being my norm, I knew there was something off about those kinds of comments. I cannot imagine that an adult who loves his son, which appears undeniable in this case, would not catch that the boy did not want to do it.

I still  consider Truong is a bad person, but at least I have a better insight into how he got to this point.

As for Newton, the piece has very little about him. He received a 40-year prison sentence. It does not appear he has had contact with Truong since then. I am not sure about his situation or why he decided to abuse this boy. My suspicion, based on the video, is that he was the network’s method of controlling Truong, a way of continuing to manipulate him for the network’s needs.

In that sense, I do feel sorry for Truong because he seems like someone who wanted attention, was preyed on and confused by those who abused him, and later engaged in the very activity himself.

9 thoughts on “The Boy with the Henna Tattoo

  1. They are mentally ill degenerates. There have been people sexually abused as children who dont do those sick acts to kids when they get older. Fuck him, at some point you KNOW its wrong to be fucking a child.

  2. I watched the documentary and all I saw was a manipulative con artist using his last card to weasel his way out of his depraved crimes. Troung is a master manipulator and his psychologist is crazy to say that he’s not a paedophile. I’ve read the entire article about it on Google as well, which gives more details than the documentary. He’s a paedophile for sure. There’s no doubt about it. Adam is not his “son”. Adam was a slave to two sick men who needed a “son” to satisfy their sexual needs and then gain rock star status on their boy network. He’s not your “son” when you take him to new York and hand him over to men so that you can have a vacation and go to Broadway. He was only their son because it was a convenient way to travel around the world with a little boy without suspicion. They purchased him like they would purchase a new TV knowing full well what their intentions were. They groomed him for the camera from the day they brought him home. That’s not a father who made a mistake. That’s a man who bought a child to use and abuse. When they were arrested in America October 2011 and realised the police could not crack the codes on their hard drives they again tried to manipulate family and friends in Australia by forming a media campaign claiming that the police are prejudiced against gays. They used their Gay status to the best of their advantage and discredit police till the bitter end knowing full well that they abused that little boy, and let a whole lot of other men abuse him as well. The last thing I feel for any of them is pity or sorry. Prison is too good for such deviants as these two. They should rot in hell because they knew exactly what they were going to do with him from the moment they purchased him.

  3. I have followed this story closely and its heart breaking. I dont have any sympathy of even compassion for these two. I was a victum of abuse but that never met that i had to continue the cycle to my kid. The only one that is the victum is the child. Thanks to them, this child has been scared for life.
    Have you found any updates on him??I cant find anything. I am wondering how is he. I have keep him in my prayers

  4. Jazmin, I doubt we will hear much about the boy. He was so young at the time that the people caring for him likely would not reveal anything new about him. As he gets older, he may choose to do so himself. I hope that he is able to simply manage with his day without worrying about the people who abused him.

  5. Sympathy? Are you kidding? The degree of depravity is mind-boggling. The organization that supports the depravity is…there are no words!
    They both deserved the death penalty. May they die in prison so they never get near a kid again, ever.
    The only one who has my sympathy is the child they treated like a sex toy and who may not ever have a normal sex life because of them. I hope the child gets amnesia and forgets all of what was done to him and can go on and be happy and healthy.

  6. There is no sympathy but I only hope that these depraved men can repent and turn away from this abuse that they in no uncertain terms enjoyed. This poor poor child endured what must have been hell on Earth. To have known nothing other than this sadistic abuse from those whose only job was to only love and protect him…is nothing short of devastating. I’m only recently able to pray for the souls of such depraved men. This I know…Hell is real and the torment they will receive in Hell will be much worse than what they did to that little boy and it will last forever. The justice of God is no joke. It is, in fact, the only reason I can pray for their souls. I will pray for this little innocent boy for all of my life. It is not possible that Peter Truong did not know the pain he was causing his “son”. It is not possible that that he did not know it was inherently wrong. To see a two year old scream in horror and terror is not something you cannot see. To see this little boys tears and blood and pain is not something you cannot not see…Peter saw and chose to continue torturing this little one. This little boy was innocent…is innocent…God will stay by his side. What is to come for these two men and those who do such things will be indescribably painful and eternal. God loves children. Period. Those who hurt these innocents are in great danger themselves and they don’t even know it. I believe that they are sociopaths by nurture or psychopaths by nature. Either way they will pay a much higher price than what this heaven on Earth has given them. What they have experienced and even the prison where they live now is the only Heaven they will ever experience. What comes their way is beyond anything they themselves… in all their depravity… could ever even come up with. In all honesty I do not know how anyone could torture anyone let alone a baby. If you have ever heard a baby cry it brings up a quick response in your heart to help them. The sound is primal and hard to ignore. To hear it and hurt them more is nothing short of severe depravity….These men are going to Hell. Hell is soooo bad that I don’t even want them to go there. But it is the just place for them if they do not repent and turn away from such sins. I don’t want to go to hell…God will send those who turn away from Him away from Him. Away from God’s attributes is the worst place you could ever be. I’m sorry to turn religious but these men and what they have done have taken me to a place of such pain that I have to turn to God for relief. I hope they see these posts and know what is in store for them is Hell.

  7. I agree with the j’en post. A manipulative Truong tries to play the victim card. There was more fake pleas for attention for himself than for the boy in his interviews. I interview people for a living. I have zero sympathy for him. Sympathies for the boy and all the tax payers who couldn’t have been spared by a death penalty.

  8. Makes you wonder what their plans for the kid were when once he was old enough to become a liability…

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