A Dose of Stupid v128

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept.

Case in point:

BET got trolled over Luke Cage

The only thing better than watching someone embarrass themselves faux outraging over racism is watching them do it over fake racism.

To cause this sort of stupidity one needs two things: a legitimate complaint that has been overblown and the  inverse situation stated in the complaint.

Marvel Entertain provided the latter. Marvel, or rather Disney, has milked the Marvel Comics properties for marketable ideas. Within the last decade, Disney released a dozen films, a network TV show, and several Netflix shows. The latest show is Luke Cage. The show focuses on a former inmate granted super powers as a result of an experiment. The experiment leaves Cage with super strength, which he uses to fight crime.

I have not seen the show, so I am not sure how much was changed from the comics. However, one aspect of the character that Marvel/Disney would not dare change is Cage’s race. Cage is black, and he presents the perfect token for the progressive left. They have clamored about the lack of “diversity” in Marvel properties. Cage addresses this in a rather ingenuous way, as the character was original a play blaxploitation tropes.

The progressive thoroughly congratulated itself for the new show. And then someone had to ruin the party:

Over the weekend, folks all over the country have focused their attention on Netflix’s newest original series, Luke Cage, so much so that the streaming capacity was too much to hold up at one point, crashing the site. The main topic that has everyone talking, though, is how unapologetically Black the series is, and, of course, this has some white folks upset and shouting “reverse racism.”

The “reverse” racism stemmed from a handful of tweets:


Look at all the racism.

Except there are two problems.

One, the statements are not racist, at least not in the technical sense. The statements are the same argument made by many progressives regarding casting. According to these progressives, any TV show, film, novel, or video game that features a primarily white cast is racist. It inherently lacks diversity and may turn off non-white audience members who feel left out.

There is no reason to assume this would not apply in the reverse. Indeed, the argument implies that it should because apparently everyone is inherently tribalistic and incapable of identifying with anyone who looks different. One would expect then that any white viewers would find Luke Cage unwatchable and unrelatable.

Two, the tweets are a troll. Correction: they are a magnificent troll. While it is possible some people may consider Luke Cage racist, these Twitter users clearly do not. They merely threw the progressives’ argument back at them.

The best part is that they managed to fool BET, who apparently do not employ anyone who could have caught such an obvious troll, along with two other media outlets, Bossip and Oxygen, into believing that there are white people outraged about the “racism” of the mostly black show.

The only reason this troll works is because it reflects the sheer absurdity of the position it parodies. The only response one can have to it is to either admit that it is a troll, which also means admitting how ridiculous the original argument is, or double down as BET did and take it seriously. Neither one makes a person look good, but only the latter makes him look stupid.

1 thought on “A Dose of Stupid v128

  1. So since the gorgeous Natalie Portman is not returning for the upcoming Ragnorak, they decided to throw interracial madness in our face and give Thor a black lover. Would Thor even go with some black chick? Throwing it in my face certainly doesn’t make me want one, just to prove “it’s a thing” nowadays.

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