The Spectacle Continues

Never before have I desired for the presidential election cycle to just end already. This current cycle presents the absolute worst that the United State process has to offer. One candidate lacks any knowledge about the job he claims he wants and the other cannot conceal her sense of entitlement to the office of the presidency.

The spectacle reached its lowest point this past weekend with the rather convenient release of a tape of Donald Trump making vulgar jokes. The right wing responded by treating those comments as the final straw, as if Trump suggesting he would kill the families of suspected terrorists was not bad enough to refuse to support him. The left wing jumped at the chance to accuse Trump of committing sexual assault without any evidence.

This was also how the debate on Sunday night began. This is a debate meant to help the so-called “undecided” voters pick between Trump and Hilary Clinton, and it opened with a discussion about a vulgar joke and sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton.

I will grant Trump some credit in that he was willing to hit Hilary back in a way that prevented her from responding. Instead of merely attacking Bill, Trump also attacked Hilary over her treatment of the women who accused her husband of sexual misconduct. There is nothing Hilary could say in response that would not come across as tarnishing those women’s stories. This was effective only because Hilary Clinton previously stated that sexual assault victims have the right to be listened to and believed.

Yet none of that redeems any of the spectacle witnessed last night. I think South Park just summed up what happened last night:

The scary part is that one of these people will be the next president of the United States.

6 thoughts on “The Spectacle Continues

  1. Seriously America, what the hell? How did you let your Presidential choices come down to a xenophobic, elitist buffoon and a flinthearted opportunist who doesn’t like men?

  2. From a foreign perspective, I am genuinely confused as to what is happening, but I can figure out a few reasons why some people are relentlessly backing Trump.

    1) Wages. Not the wage gap, but the recession, meaning that cost of living increases but wages stay the same. Sure, concern for caring for the less fortunate in society is all very well and good and indeed noble, but it’s not the only thing concerning society, especially when you’re trying to cling onto your job.

    2) The PC brigade. Now that we have women posting pictures of autistic men on Australian trams because “he might be a rapist” what started out as good intentions has become a lynch mob, so people don’t care when Trump is called sexist and racist anymore. They’re going hard after anyone who steps a toe out of line until they say uncle, and people have had enough.

    3) Disconnect. The political elite, like those in Britain and probably Europe (Brexit) are not connecting with the electorate anymore. Before the 2008 crash they thought that this would be OK, in Britain for example, the left leaning Labour party thought that they could talk down to the electorate with their attitudes because they thought that the opposition would never stand a chance against them, but now they are paying the price.

    4) Elitism and snobbery. The above, the media, Hollywood and the music industry, they’ve all got a MASSIVE sense of superiority to the average man or woman. It was OK when celebrities were being philanthropists, but now they’re telling people how to vote or think (Billy Joe Armstrong and the stupid voting videos), people are tired of it because as far as they’re concerned, the celebrities are rich people talking down to them.

    5) The opposition to Trump has been ridiculously bad. Divided, arguing amongst themselves, they don’t tell people what’s good about them, but just to vote against Trump. Hardly an inspiring message to the electorate. They fling insults at the Trump crowd, but nothing sticks, in fact, the minute Hillary called them ‘deplorables’ I KNEW that they were going to start calling themselves that.

    6) Trump may be a buffoon, but he is a Machiavellian genius when it comes to selling himself. His most controversial comments were when he was trying to stand out against the other republican candidates, and this leopard changes his spots quite frequently. He knows how to manipulate people and sell himself, and we originally assumed that he had no chance, but he carried on, and built up a wave of support as a result, so he’s not as stupid as we think because it’s obvious that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

  3. Seriously America, what the hell? How did you let your Presidential choices come down to a xenophobic, elitist buffoon and a flinthearted opportunist who doesn’t like men?

    I am struggling to figure this out and I cannot find an answer. It is embarrassing that this is the best we can do.

  4. There is nothing Donald Trump said that I haven’t heard even teenage boys saying. Freedom of speech anyone?

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