Not a difficult choice

I will post one more thing about the presidential election. I make no attempt to hide that I have no intention of voting for Donald Trump. The man is entertaining to watch, a total spectle, mesmerizing, yet utterly unqualified to be president. You could pick a random person off the street and they would be better prepared for the job. Trump’s thin-skinned nature may play well in business circles, but in political and global circles it would put the country and world at serious risk.

Many Democrats and liberals will read that and assume I support Hillary Clinton. I will try to make this as clear as possible: I would sooner have a son, raise him to be completely differential to all adults, wait until he reached puberty and take him to Pennsylvania State Penitentiary and leave him stripped naked in Jerry Sandusky’s cell with a bottle of lubricant before I would ever vote for Hillary.

In short, it will never happen.

I find Trump to be onerous and perpetually fragile, yet I find Hillary irredeemably corrupt. It would take too long to explain all the reasons for my distrust of Hillary. I would direct people to read Christopher Hitchens’s writings about the Clintons. People could also read Clinton Cash, which does unfortunately have a substantial amount of right-wing spin.

For the short version, I think Sargon of Akkad summed up my position on Hillary.

I have little doubt that both candidates will get the United States into another war in the Middle East. The difference is that Hillary has been rather open about her hawkish desire to use military force and attempted to convince Obama to do so.

Regardless of who you support or oppose, I hope everyone votes. Ignore the media and liberal spin. You do not have to pick from the two frontrunners. You can always write a name in on the ballot. This is not “wasting your vote”. It is exercising your right to choose who you think is the best choice for president, not the one with the best chance to win.

3 thoughts on “Not a difficult choice

  1. In the UK we call it ‘spoiling the ballot’ and we use it to express our anger and dissatisfaction with the choices on offer. (not that it makes any difference but at least voices of satisfaction are heard). I don’t have anyone who represents me anymore politically at home in the UK so I know how you feel.

  2. Your blog and your posts, seem entirely right wing in my opinion. (Not a bad thing. At all.) Good for you. Although I differ about Trump.

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