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80.9% of sex convicts in Lagos prisons abused during childhood — At least, 80.9 percent of sex convicts and inmates awaiting trial for sexual and gender based violence in Lagos prisons have been abused during childhood, a recent report has revealed. The report, conducted by the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Response Team, DSVRT, revealed that due to the early abuse, the inmates had been sexually active, leading to sexual offences being committed by them.

Archdiocese of Ottawa paid former altar boy $50,000 after sex abuse allegations — More than a decade before the Archdiocese of Ottawa told Jacques Faucher he could no longer be a priest, it paid tens of thousands of dollars to a former altar boy who had accused the reverend of molesting him. Faucher was convicted in March of historical sex offences against three other children, but newly obtained documents by the Sun show the diocese wrote a $50,000 cheque to a former altar boy when he was an adult in 1998, more than a year after he told the church about the alleged sexual abuse.

Denver man freed after 28 years in prison acquitted of rape — A Denver man who spent more than a quarter of a century in prison for a rape he long denied committing was acquitted of the crime on Monday, leaving a courtroom to applause from supporters and chants of “it’s over.” Clarence Moses-EL, 60, was freed in December, after a judge overturned his 1988 conviction on rape and assault charges and found that he would likely be acquitted if his case went to trial again.

How 10-year-old Riverside killer inspired rights legislation — A bill prompted by the conviction of a Riverside boy who shot his father to death in 2011 would prohibit police officers from interrogating any minor who has not first spoken with a lawyer. Senate Bill 1052 was delivered to Gov. Jerry Brown on Sept. 8 and would become state law if he signs the legislation. The lawyer would be required to make sure the minor understands his or her Miranda rights against self-incrimination and the potential consequences of waiving them.

How the feminist rule on campus hurts men — The call for women’s equality has been achieved at American universities. In fact, the feminist movement has been so successful that it is young male students, and not young women, who lose out. The modern college is a man’s world no longer. Now, women make up the majority of the student body on campus. They also lead in graduation rates, too. According to data from the federal government, women gained majority status in college enrollment in 1979.

Men shunned as victims’ by 16 days campaign — THEY say it takes 16 days for a bruise to heal but a lifetime for emotional scars to be forgotten. Friday, 25 November marks the beginning of 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. While many campaigns focus on the abuse and violent acts against women and children, men are tend to be left out of the outcry for non-violence.

Number of women convicted of domestic violence at record high — The number of women convicted of domestic violence has tripled in the last decade, new figures have shown. 1,850 women were convicted of perpetrating the offence in 2006, a figure which rose to 5,641 in 2015. The statistics were released by the Crown Prosecution Service to Parliament following a question submitted by Conservative MP Philip Davies.

Paedophile priest told to pray to end sexual attraction to children, royal commission hears — A notorious paedophile priest who molested dozens of boys raised concerns about his sexual attraction to children before entering the seminary, the child abuse royal commission has heard. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse hearing in Newcastle is investigating the Catholic Church’s response to widespread paedophilia in the Maitland-Newcastle diocese.

Teacher Who had Abortion to Cover Up Raping a 13-Year-Old Boy Pleads Guilty — A Texas teacher accused of having sex with a 13-year-old male student and then having an abortion to cover it up pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child on Wednesday, the Daily Mail reports. Alexandria M. Vera, 24, allegedly had an on-going relationship with the 13-year-old student while she was teaching eighth-grade English at Stovall Middle School near Houston, Texas.

Until we treat male and female domestic abuse victims the same, we’ll never be rid of it — It was early 1998. I was on a ferry, and on the car radio, an agony aunt was talking to a man who described himself as a six-foot rugby-playing policeman who, for 10 years, had been beaten almost daily by his five-foot-two wife. I vividly remember my “what the hell?” response. That actually happens to men?

Woman Abused Boyfriend’s Child Because He Wasn’t Hers and Had ‘Stupid Ugly Face’: Cops — A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested on charges she methodically tortured her boyfriend’s young son because he wasn’t hers. Danielle Miller, 31, of Quarryville is in custody on charges regarding the repeated abuse of a 4-year-old boy, who police say was beaten and punished for months.

Why society’s perceptions of domestic abuse towards men need to change — On an individual basis that will never really change. There will always be a plethora of contradictory views and opinions. But on a societal level, there is a need to challenge preconceptions. For far too long, masculinity has been viewed in generally myopic terms which are neither realistic nor healthy.

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