The Spectacle of Our Politicians

I intended to avoid commenting on the recent presidential election. I did mention in a previous post that I would write about it. However, I found the process of researching the election and reading all the inane things both the right and left-wing did too irritating and depressing. I kept needing to remind myself that these are all adults, not grade school kids fighting during recess.

Yet a new incident prompted me to write this topic. The Trump and Clinton teams met for what is typically a civil debate. It instead turned into a fight. The Trump team gloated while the Clinton team pouted and namecalled.

This is just part of what took place:

The argument over the popular vote versus the electoral college is utterly ridiculous. The electoral votes are based on the popular vote — the popular vote of each respective state. To argue that because more Californians and New Yorkers voted for Clinton she should be president is nonsensical. Those are two of the most populated and heavily liberal states. They no more represent the totality of American opinion than does the population of Texas and Florida.

The fairest reading of the results is that more states voted for Trump. You do not have to like that, yet it is what happened.

Of course, Clinton’s supporters and her campaign team have a different explanation:

Yes, Trump did play to many terrible aspects of human nature. And so did Clinton. Both sides engaged in tribalism. Trump merely did so in a more blatant fashion. They both race-baited, fear mongered, lied, and exaggerated. They both insulted each other’s supporters. They both acted as if they could do no wrong.

But only one of them acted smug. Only one of them acted as if they were above certain groups of people. Only one of them decided that there were some states so guaranteed that there was no point in visiting them during the general election.

This is the same person whose team and supporters are quick to call anyone who disagrees with them racists and sexists.

This is precisely why Clinton lost. As Conway noted, Trump won the same counties Obama won in 2008 and 2012. Did all those people become bigots in just four years?

The idea is preposterous. Yet this is the progressive argument. Somehow a large portion of the people who voted for Obama became bigots because of Trump.

Of course, this narrative also extends to the alt-right. While the group does have a clear racist element, it is merely the right-wing version of Black Lives Matter, only without the violence, threats, and media backing. Yet it would not matter if the group were racist or not. Much like Gamergate, geeks, men’s rights activists, and conservatives, the alt-right serves only as a boogeyman the progressives can use to dismiss any criticism.

This is precisely what Palmieri does in the video. She need not prove her accusation. Claiming Trump pandered to racists (and tacitly implying anyone who voted for him is racist) is enough. That a number of Hispanics voted for Trump is irrelevant.

This is the level of discourse that guides our political process. The winners strut and brag while the losers post and whine. All concern for the voters is revealed as fraud.

None of these people care about the voters. They only care about power and optics. Anything else is merely a means to fulfilling their desires.

5 thoughts on “The Spectacle of Our Politicians

  1. trump actually applied saul alinsky’s rules for radicals. that is what the left is so upset by. they’re used to the leftist talking point smear campaign going unopposed. they’re used to romney cowering before the female vote.

  2. trump actually applied saul alinsky’s rules for radicals.

    I am not sure that he did. Trump appeared to undermine Alinsky’s rules. Trump did not engage in ridiculous protests that could not be ignored. He did not push any boycotts. He did not organize his base well.

    Trump appears to have played the media and the left by forcing them to reveal their biases. He went after things they had to defend and tricked them into thinking he was not up to the task at hand. While I doubt it was his specific intention, Trump effectively used the Art of War.

    This is why the progressives are so baffled. Trump understood his enemy and himself, making it quite easy to defeat one side while playing to the other.

  3. You might be surprised- but I suspect not, at how many of the media/intellectual classes think Trump is downright stupid. I don’t mean JUST ignorant – I mean stupid.

    I’m glad you haven’t fallen into that trap. These are the same idiots, after all, who thought George Bush Jr was stupid, despite him going to Harvard and being a member of one of the most accomplished POLITICAL families in the United States. Of course he won re-election twice, and somehow managed to get almost all of his legislative priorities accomplished as well as thwart so many Democratic counterattacks by playing the stupid good ol boy from Texas.

    I don’t think Hillary is stupid, which is why her defense of tremendous ignorance about email servers and government security regulations convinced me not at all. Ironically, GW Bush and Trump might get away with ‘stupidity’ defenses for similar offenses, but Hillary has never learned how to or -perhaps- merely never wanted to hide her intelligence.

  4. From an outsider’s perspective, Trump seems to me like a symptom of the current world trends. Same as Brexit.

  5. You might be surprised- but I suspect not, at how many of the media/intellectual classes think Trump is downright stupid. I don’t mean JUST ignorant – I mean stupid.

    Trump is far from stupid, at least when it comes to his general intelligence. I think he does at times behave stupidly, but I also think that behavior is calculated. He knows, or at least thinks he knows, what the potential outcome will be. He uses this to his advantage, and those on the left appear to ignore what it obvious. Trump understands how to play people, both in the positive and negative, and he does it very well.

    I am not convinced George W. Bush is an intelligent man, although he is politically astute enough to get his way. I think Hillary intelligent in a general sense, although her arrogance and sense of entitlement to the presidency always comes through. This makes her appear far more calculated than she probably is.

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