Top Posts of 2016

Due to a variety of reasons, I have not been as active on the blog as I wished. I hope to change that next year. Below are the top posts of 2016. These posts only include articles written in 2016.

On a side note, let us hope we can make it through the final hours of 2016 without any other beloved figures, musicians, or artists dying.

What happens when a random woman takes a child?

Dear feminists: men are sick of you “reassuring” us you don’t hate men, too

When feminism intersects with reality

What Mrs. Robinson actually looks like

No, feminist men can’t have a useful dialogue with men’s rights activists

When Pandering Goes Wrong

Why no one in their right mind would ever date a feminist

No, You Didn’t Go on a Date With a (Closeted) MRA

Beware Feminist Men!

No, Game of Thrones is not a triumph for feminists

As people can see, most of the top posts this year involved criticizing feminists’ antics. This year has certainly been the year for social justice politics backfiring on their supporters. This is best seen with the election of Donald Trump, which I honestly still cannot believe happened. Yet as I have said to my friends, Trump is not the president we want; he is the president we deserve.

The division wrought between the politically left and right worsened throughout 2016, pushed in large part by the progressive community. From Black Lives Matter to the “vote Hillary or you’re a racist” mantra, the progressive left proved itself completely incapable of introspection. Even now the progressive community continues to accuse anyone who does not follow their political agenda of bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and degeneracy.

No society can function like this, particularly when the result of all the faux hand-wringing is controlling people’s speech and creativity. When calling a beloved pop culture figure “beautiful” constitutes sexism, we have a problem.

I doubt this will go away in 2017. I suspect it will get much worse as president Trump will continue to push the progressives as much as he can. I also doubt it will change because many of the progressives who fell into tantrums over the election and a host of other issues throughout the year have all the humility and self-control of serial exhibitionists.

As a friend of mine would say, 2017 will be a hot mess.

On the plus side, there is John Wick 2, Logan, Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Star Wars 8 to look forward to.

On a side note, in case anyone complains that all the posts are about feminists ergo this is an anti-feminist blog, below are the most viewed posts in 2016 in general, not just written this year. As you can see, all of the top posts for this blog, i.e. the reason people visit the blog, pertain to information about male victims sexual abuse.

Mary Koss doesn’t think women can rape men and boys

15-year-old girl rapes several young boys

Woman Who Raped Boy Almost 200 Times Sentenced to 9 years

Male victims of sex trafficking

Woman “fell” pregnant after raping 12-year-old boy

A Sad Day For Male Rape Victims In India

Feminist researchers find female sex offenders get slaps on the wrist

The lost boys of child prostitution

Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey talks about his childhood sexual abuse

A Special Report: Raped by His Mother – A Victim Comes Forward

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