Philip Davies and the Temple of Feminist Zealots

One must commend UK MP Philip Davies. He was recently appointed to the Women and Equalities Committee. The committee, in typical newspeak fashion, has little to do with actual equality and instead focuses exclusively on women’s issues, often misrepresenting facts about women’s situation in the UK. Feminists were none too pleased with conservative Davies’s appointment, particularly given his history of criticism of feminism and concern for men’s issues.

This criticism and concern led several UK outlets to brand Davies “anti-feminist” and accuse him of “misogyny”. Davies has not stated or done anything suggesting he is afraid of or hates women. He merely criticizes the modern feminist movement, its control within his government, and the lack of services available to men.

What makes Davies so interesting is that he managed to get on this committee and there appears to be little anyone can do to remove him. He has the seat, and it appears he will keep it until his term is up. Again, feminists are not pleased about this. This led to a BBC interview, which Sargon of Akkad covered. He gives a detailed breakdown of the absurd situation Davies faces, the way feminists react to him, and the incessant lies feminists tell about Davies and his concerns, all of which are neatly bundled in the typical feminist smug condescension.

This is what it looks like when a reasonable person tries to have a basic conversation with an ideologue. This is the same type of attitude I face when talking to feminists about men’s issues and sexual violence against males. This is the same attitude one sees online. This is the same attitude coming from so-called “men’s lib” male feminists. There is no actual appreciation for anything Davies states. He could be talking about the Transformers for all they care. His critics have already made up their minds, and nothing he says will ever be given its due.

In this regard, I see why Sargon would call these types of feminists “zealots”, and I am inclined to agree. These are religious adherents defending their faith no matter what the evidence shows. If that means skewering a man for daring to say that more men are in prison and face harsher sentences than women, something so inherently indisputable it is laughable to even need to prove it (which he does), so be it. Better to call Davies a liar and woman-hater than deal with the truth.


3 thoughts on “Philip Davies and the Temple of Feminist Zealots

  1. Pissing off feminists does not in itself make an effective politician. If Phillip Davies is what you are relying on then you need to prepare for disappointment.

  2. The issue is not his effectiveness. The issue is that feminists oppose him reflexively, without listening to anything he states or considering any of his points.

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