CNN: Lying Liars Who Lie

Donald Trump’s first press conference in months became the spectacle that most people expected. I watched it with my cousin. We found it ridiculous and unprofessional. There was, however, one moment that brought a smile to my face:

The reporter is right. It is not appropriate for the president-elect to deny a media outlet the opportunity to ask a question or call them names. Yet it is also not appropriate for CNN to run a story they not only did not vet, but one that no other media outlet could verify. If all it took to disprove this report was checking Cohen’s passport, why did CNN fail to do this? Why did they not ask those around Cohen questions about his whereabouts? Why did they not do their jobs?

The answer is simple: the lie fit their narrative.

Better to keep up the unsubstantiated claim that Trump and his cabinet are colluding with Russian than present actual evidence showing this connection.

As Sargon of Akkad noted in a video, CNN has a detailed history of lying. Do not take my word for it. Look up “CNN lies” on Google or YouTube and see it for yourself. The network repeatedly puts out false information, fails to accurately report on information, or withholds information. For any news outlet, one instance of this would be a stain. For CNN, it is a way of life.

Granted, they are not the only network who does this. Fox News has a history of doing it as well. One could watch the film Outfoxed to see how blatant it has been, particularly during the Bush 44 administration.

The difference with CNN is that the network pretends as if no one knows they do this. They lie and mislead, then object when caught as if to say, “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that.”

Perhaps the most entertaining part Trump’s press conference was watching the left rage about the exchange, particularly Trump comparing the situation to Nazi Germany. This is the same group of people who have compared Trump and his supporters to Nazis for the last twelve months. Yet the instant Trump levels the same accusation against them (which in fairness is not completely inaccurate as Nazi Germany was well-known for releasing fake news stories to manipulate public opinion), now the comparison is unfair.

A friend of mine refers to this past campaign season as “The Spectacle”, and I am inclined to agree. This is what we are going to see happen. We already have Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., stating that he does not consider Trump a legitimate president due to the Russian hacks, despite there being no evidence that Russia altered any votes. The worst that happened is that as a result of the leaked documents, people saw what the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee did during the primaries and how they regarded voters.

Yes, this may have influenced the vote… in the same way that releasing documents showing that the Catholic Church systematically covered up child rape might make people less inclined to become Catholic.

One can take issue with Russian hackers breaking into DNC servers that apparently had less security features than a gmail account and also take issue with the undemocratic behavior of the DNC and Clinton campaign.

This type of tit-fot-tat happened with Obama won the first time as well. The irony is that we are seeing some of the same people, like Rep. Lewis, behaving the same way they objected to when people questioned Obama’s legitimacy.

All this does is further the political divide. It makes it harder for us to work together to solve issues, particularly tricky political issue. If this were a Russian plot, the divisiveness would be the desired result, not the hacking. That we cannot work together will be the problem. That we assume the worst of anyone who does not agree with us will be the problem.

You do not have like to Donald Trump or support him, but you must acknowledge that he won fair and square. He had everyone, including the Republican party, against him and he still won because the people voted for him. Clinton was only able to win left-leaning states. Trump flipped left-leaning states.

He did not cheat. He did not rig the primary process like is opponent did. He did not accuse his opponent’s supporters of being the biggest bigots ever to the point that few of them would admit to wanting to vote for her. He did not have most media outlets declaring him the winner months before the election.

He won with everyone against him. That is as legitimate a win as one can get. Accusing him of being a Nazi will not change that, nor will making up false stories about his cabinet choices.

We need to stop doing this because this is the path to an Orwellian 1984 scenario. This is how you get there.


3 thoughts on “CNN: Lying Liars Who Lie

  1. “The worst that happened is that as a result of the leaked documents, people saw what the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee did during the primaries and how they regarded voters.”
    Had it not been for that God damn Putin exposing just how big a bitch Hillary was we’d have won! You weren’t supposed to know that she was that big a bitch. You were supposed to march in to the voting booths and vote for Hillary out of ignorance!

    Only a liberal would make an argument distillable to that.

    Only a liberal would have the nerve.

  2. “hackers breaking into DNC servers that apparently had less security features than a gmail account”

    If hackers stealing sensitive information is a big problem, then people who illegally store classified information on personal property MUST be punished. That kind of behaviou needs to be discouraged, doesn’t it?

  3. I don’t see why it’s so objectionable for CNN to be hauled over the coals for being “fake news” (unless it’s a means to silence them from truth or free speech of course).

    Here in the UK, we had a similar situation to the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989. Police fucked up crowd control outside a football match and accidentally directed a load of fans into an already overcrowded area resulting in 96 people being crushed to death. The worst sporting disaster in the country.

    The senior police officers who were responsible then lied to the Football Association by blaming drunk fans, accusing them of forcing a gate open, and this was embellished by the Sun newspaper, which then published a ton of porkies about the football fans being drunk and violent. Now, the news programmes and sporting programmes on TV had shown the footage, which demonstrated that the problem was overcrowding and police mismanagement, yet while the senior police started a massive cover up of their incompetence, the Sun only retracted the story and apologised in 2012, and the dead fans weren’t exonerated until last year when altered police statements were discovered. So fake news really does a lot of damage.

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