“13-Year-Old Student Seduces His Female Teacher On Instagram, But Now She’s In Jail”

If I had to pick a title that would fail to convey that I thought an adult woman raping a 13-year-old boy was a criminal, immoral act, this would be the title:

13-Year-Old Student Seduces His Female Teacher On Instagram, But Now She’s In Jail

This was the title of a Thought Catalog article written by Gray Collins. I will set aside the notion that a 13-year-old can seduce an adult. More curious is how one would do this on Instagram. What person is unable to avoid the advances of someone online? You could either mute them, block them, or stop using the service. Yet we are meant to believe a 13-year-old boy was such a cunning linguist that he could seduce a woman twice his age,  and one who claims she initially had no interest in the boy. 

More troubling, however, is the second part of the title. Claiming the boy seduced his teacher already places blame on him. The second part of the title makes the teacher out to be the victim. The “but” implies that the teacher was wronged by being charged and pleading guilty to statutory rape. This would be the same woman who, according to the link, aborted the child that resulted from her sexual abuse of the victim once CPS contacted her.

She does not sound much like a victim. She sounds like an adult who took advantage of a boy’s interest in her. She also sounds like a person who benefitted from the boy’s parents complete acceptance of the “relationship”.

The odd part about the article is that it reads as if the woman is to blame. It is the title that makes it appear to side with the woman. Several people complained about the title, which led to the following update:

Update: This piece is based on the language and storyline directly from police investigations. Nowhere does the writer show support for someone who committed statutory rape. Language has been added to the piece to make it abundantly clear that Vera was in the wrong, and that it is the overwhelming opinion of reasonable people that those defending her are incorrect.

Based on the archive version I read, the article appears to be the same, so either someone archived it after the changes were made or the only changes were the update itself.

The most sensible thing to do would be to change the title. Remove the portion about seduction and the nonsense about “but now she’s in jail” and the article would be fine.

It seems silly that neither the author of the article or editors of the site would realize this. It makes it seem like they intentionally created an inflammatory title for the clicks and now, rather ironically, do not want the attention.

Very well. If you do not want the attention rewrite the title and the majority of people will ignore the article as they do with most other female sex offender reports.

9 thoughts on ““13-Year-Old Student Seduces His Female Teacher On Instagram, But Now She’s In Jail”

  1. The story itself is bad enough. Appalling that an adult can abuse a position of trust in this way – jail is where she ought to be. Like you say the headline is something else. I had to reread it a few times to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

  2. How could you possibly be attracted to someone that young? she absolutely should be in jail, but she should also be checked for mental issues.

  3. “Female teacher who sexually abused 13-year old male student sentenced to 10 year in jail”. There. Fix the title like this and it’s all set.

  4. Whenever I see one of these cases in the news about a female teacher “raping” one of her teenage students, I remember back to my days in junior high school and how we used to fantasize and talk at length about having sex with our teachers. Indeed, this was the dream of about 95% of the guys I knew in junior high school. I’ve known teenage boys who were more mature than some adult women and who could therefore engage in this type of activity with no negative effects other than societal condemnation.

  5. Whenever I see one of these cases in the news about a female teacher “raping” one of her teenage students, I remember back to my days in junior high school and how we used to fantasize and talk at length about having sex with our teachers.

    Yes. I am sure you also fantasized about driving, drinking, getting tattoos, getting into gun battles, and being war heroes. All of those are of course things one should allow a 13-year-old to do because the child fantasized about it. The child’s fantasies make it okay to have sex with them because they want it.

    Why anyone thinks this type of idiotic argument makes any sense is beyond me. Children fantasize about doing lots of things they have no business doing. Sex is one of them. A child wanting to do something does not make it appropriate to allow them to do it or do it them. This honestly something no one should have to explain to a rational adult.

    Or let me put it another way: even the members of NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a group dedicated to promoting adults having sex with boys, understand this is a moronic argument and do not use it, and again, in the bluntest terms, they want to fuck boys.

    Stop making this argument. It makes you sound worse than actual pedophiles.

  6. Absolutely first class response to Tesla Man TS.

    Regarding the article I would presume editors create the headline rather than the journalist. Not that that makes it any better of course. It does tend to indicate the attitude of the publication and, by extension, it’s target audience.

  7. I don’t think that we will ever be rid of the cavalier attitude to boys having sex with women who are using them. It may stem from the belief that the woman has more at risk due to pregnancy.To that point, the worm has turned and these women are collecting child support from teenagers. There is also the trauma to consider. People who promote this attitude are pretty callous. I don’t know what can be said to convince them.

  8. Holy shit Toy Soldiers, that comparison with children playing Call of Duty or Battlefield for hours and child soldiers is so good (because let’s face it, if a 13 years old actually became a “War Hero” he’d be a child soldier), I’m gonna remember it and use it next time I see this argument!

  9. Some might be inclined to say “she’s hot, I wish I had her in MY school” but the bottom line is she had sex with a minor. She is physically attractive, but she should be having sex with people her age or at least over the age of consent, not kids.

    And maybe it WAS a loving relationship, but so are some relationships with adult male teachers and female students, doesn’t mean it’s right.

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