Lauren Southern: Dude Look Like a Lady

I do enjoy when someone turns another person’s logic against them. Lauren Southern had an exchange with a protester recently after the Deploraball. The protester’s point was that the event was sexist, and after making several arguments and getting shut down by Southern, she turned to claiming that the event only featured one woman. She figured this was a winning argument. She was wrong:

The look on the woman’s face is priceless. You can see the thoughts swirling in her mind. She knows this is wrong. She knows that Lauren Southern is clearly a woman. She knows that Southern likely identifies as a woman. Yet her progressive stances force her to entertain Southern’s assertion that she is a man. The woman tries a counter: she asks as if Southern’s viewers know about this. They do. She made a video about it. She is legally a man.

I quite enjoy this. Not necessarily because I agree with the progressive position on sex and gender, but because of how easily this can be turned against those preaching this nonsense, and how clearly they do not believe what they preach. Again, look at the woman’s face. Look at the incredulity that races across it as she realizes Southern is not joking.

This woman does not believe Southern is a man. Not with that make-up. Not in that dress. Not with that voice. Yet there is nothing she can do. She cannot question it because there are indeed women who look like women, who “present” as women, who clearly are women, who claim to be men.

I thank Lauren Southern for this. It is a brilliant deconstruction of the absurdity of this argument.

1 thought on “Lauren Southern: Dude Look Like a Lady

  1. As we all know, these people are not very bright. They could shove a loaded shotgun in my mouth, pull the trigger, the gun would fire, and they’d STILL miss.

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