Feminists still can’t take a joke

Piers Morgan gave brilliant response to the women’s marches held on Saturday:

The amount of whining and complaining about the joke tweet was incredible. Hundreds of people tripped over themselves to set Morgan straight. Actor Ewan McGregor pulled out of an interview with Good Morning Britain in protest, although Morgan’s response was classic.

The contrast here is interesting. Morgan was clearly joking. He would not support an actual men’s march. He would mock it relentlessly along with most of the people attacking him. His point was that the women’s march essentially had no point. It did not change anything. Donald Trump is still president and the people who voted for him were not swayed by a bunch of entitled, well-off women wearing “pussy” hats complaining about not getting their way after losing in a fair election.

Morgan went on to explain himself in an op-ed, declaring himself a feminist who opposes the likes of Madonna. Speaking of the latter, Morgan commented on Madonna’s threats to Trump:

Let me get this absolutely straight: Madonna, a multi-millionaire pop star with the means to finance any of her many warped desires, has thought ‘an awful lot’ about bombing the home of the President of the United States?

It’s a very serious criminal offence to make a bomb threat, let alone one to the life of the President.

If you, or I, were to say that in a public forum, then we would be almost certainly be arrested, charged and jailed.

Don’t believe me? Try tweeting a bomb threat or saying it as you board a plane. Even if you’re ‘joking’, you’ll be prosecuted.

The FBI is investigating the incident, but Madonna will get away with it. She always does.

He is right. There will be no penalty for Madonna, either criminally or socially. He is also right that if anyone not as famous as her made the same claim they would face serious charges. The Daily Dot took issue with Morgan’s quote, stating that he took it out of context. Here was the context the Daily Dot provided:

However, Madonna’s full quote from the rally reads: “Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought a lot about blowing up the White House. But I know that this won’t change anything.”

Despite the context, that single line from Madonna’s speech has now been seized not just by Morgan but by men’s rights activists and Trump supporters as proof that feminism has gone out of control.

The context does not change what she stated. All she did was admit that blowing up the White House will not alter the current power structure. That is not evidence that she did not mean what she stated about essentially killing hundreds of innocent people, including Trump’s 10-year-old son, because she does not like the new president.

This is precisely the same type of comments people objected to when Obama first took office and conservatives bandied around death threats. This is something that we should not allow because how dangerous it is to have people threatening to kill politicians they do not like. That seems to be something both sides back when their parties are in power, yet it quickly falls away when they are the underdog. It somehow becomes acceptable to threat the other side with violence.

As for feminism going out of control, it has. One need only look at the ridiculousness that occurred at the women’s marches. You have supporters not being able to explain what issues they are protesting for or against. You have a feminist burning someone’s hair as none of the other feminists around her do anything to stop her. You have a male feminist punching a female reporter for filming him, only to have the female feminists protect him and ignore that he punched a woman in the face.

This is modern feminism whether you like it or not. This is the entitlement, the privilege, the misandry, and the double standard that makes up this movement. And this is just from the women’s marches. This is not including the number of insane policies being pushed by feminists on college campuses, in courts, or throughout society.

So Morgan has a point when he states:

Real feminism is not about murdering men you don’t like or stripping off to make money and pretending it’s about liberating women.

It’s about striving to be so good at what you do that your gender is irrelevant, then making sure you are rewarded in the same way as a man. That, surely, is true equality?

That is what it should be about, yet the women’s marches demonstrated that feminism is really about, contrary to what Morgan wants to believe, “[..] nasty women being nasty, whipped into a man-hating frenzy by some very nasty women on a stage.”

And it has been like that for some time. The reason Madonna and Ashley Judd could stand up on a stage and deliver profane speeches to resounding cheers is because modern feminism has become about allowing women to act without consequence and whine when they do not get their way.

There was no accountability. There is no self-reflection. There is no consideration that maybe behaving like a spoiled brat is not the way to conduct oneself in public.

No one challenged the women who did not bother to vote in November. No one sought to embrace the women who voted for Trump. No one asked themselves why the message “vote for Hillary because vagina” was not a winning election strategy.

The same lack of self-reflection happened on the right when Obama was elected. Twice. In 2012, it resulted in the Republicans conducting a post mortem on their party to see why they could not win over non-conservative voters. That the tone of their message came across as hateful, fearful, and dismissive to those voters never factored into their self-review. They never looked at their own actions with any sincerity and asked how they would feel if someone approached their group with that level of contempt.

The same thing happened on Saturday. Hundreds of thousands of progressive women grouped together in contempt of a man to complain about a myriad of unconnected issues with no foreseeable goal or intention to actual activism. They made no effort to convince their opponents that their message and concerns are valid. They made no attempt to extend a hand in civility and respect even as they demanded they receive the opposition’s civility and respect.

It was grade-A privilege and entitlement on display, all caused by a  ten-year-old joke Donald Trump told while on a hot microphone.

This is what happens when feminists cannot take a joke.

They become the joke.

5 thoughts on “Feminists still can’t take a joke

  1. Feminists are ruining boy culture. Boys are being taught their body is shameful and grotesque by their own mothers. Boys are scolded from going around in their own homes without a shirt on… They can no longer play outside without a shirt and are even afraid of being shamed in the water so now swim with shirts on. They are fat shamed, skinny shamed and god forbid if they change to go swimming or swim in their underwear. They are now taught to be ashamed of their bodies. I saw a South Park episode that really brought the point home. Much like the feminists showing their wares that we shouldn’t look at (really confused by that) the boys in the cartoon were walking around with their identity hanging out. Which I found hilarious but somewhat troubling as boys probably should take a stand. Being a single dad this is all foreign to my son but he hears and sees it all at friends houses, sleep overs, etc. It was a total nightmare when I took a bunch of these boys to the beach. They had no idea what to do in a locker room, making little towel forts so no one saw and made fun of their horrible parts…

  2. “after losing in a fair election.”

    I would argue that the past election caused every undemocratic and flawed feature of the US political system to glow incandescently.

  3. Trump wasn’t telling a “ten year old joke” when he said he could grab a woman’s pussy without being held accountable. He was revealing a very disturbed personality that is now further revealing itself almost daily.

  4. Telsa Man, do you have any evidence to support the claim that Trump actually thinks he has the right to touch women without their permission? I am not talking about an impression or a gut feeling. I mean actual evidence that this is the position the man holds.

  5. I despise Piers Morgan. He’s a filthy muckraking lowlife who has filled the British press with lie, after lie, after lie. Having said that, he’s right. Not an endorsement, but it’s a rum state of affairs when you’re so bad, incompetent and stupid that not only does Trump – of all people – beat you in a fair political fight, but you make Piers Morgan, Piers muckraker Morgan, RIGHT about something. How rubbish do you have to be to get that man to make a legit point?

    Sorry about the rant, but we in Britain were really rather glad to see the back of him.

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