Silencing contrarian voices

According to Sargon’s most recent video, Twitter suspended Sargon of Akkad, apparently without cause or notice.

I am not surprised. Twitter has played this game with numerous people over past years, repeatedly suspending then reinstating them. The common thread between these people is that they question progressive politics and figures.

This kind of silencing tactic is insidious and dangerous. Yes, Twitter is a private company that can decide who it will allow to use its services. Yet Twitter positions itself as a tool for the voice of the people. To silence people for holding contrarian opinions is an attempt to strip them of their voices.

More disturbing is that Twitter suspends critics of progressivism but still allows terrorist groups to keep their accounts. This is a like banning someone for calling someone a “pussy” while allowing rapists to use the services to plan their crimes.

The situation is ridiculous and I hope Sargon is reinstated. I also hope, however, that Twitter decides to play this game with Donald Trump. It is not that I want Trump off Twitter, although he should stop tweeting every thought that pops into his head. It is that I think this would reveal the partisan nature of the suspensions.

3 thoughts on “Silencing contrarian voices

  1. I started losing faith in Twitter’s enforcement of their rules and standards when they banned Milo Y. (which he should be banned IMO) for insulting Leslie Jones but did absolutely nothing to Jones who was also throwing insults and attacks.

  2. He looks like he’s back to be honest.

    But bear in mind that sometimes it’s for completely different reasons. For instance, there was a guy called ‘Bearing’ who was suspended from YouTube and a lot of his fans thought it was because of his viewpoints. Turns out it was because the cartoon bear was “borrowed” from somewhere else, a Canadian cartoon. What I mean is, it’s worth knowing the full story. Maybe this is what happened, but maybe it’s not?

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