Karen Straughan explains why she’s not a feminist

Karen Straughan released a video titled Why I am not a feminist. In It she critiques the ideology and breaks down the specific reasons she is turned off by the ideology.

I have thought about doing something similar for some time. The primary reason I have avoided doing it is because I do think anyone should have to justify or explain why they do not support an ideology. It is one thing to ask someone directly. To have to provide an explanation as if it is somehow wrong to object to a certain ideology is ridiculous.

However, I found Karen’s video enlightening in terms of her reasons for rejecting the ideology. According to her, several other Honey Badgers will also create videos about the topic. I think I will create a post listing those and perhaps other videos of people explaining their reasoning for rejecting the ideology.

I will say this about my rejection of feminism: I think any ideology that peddles in the amount of misinformation that one sees within feminism is not an ideology worthy of one’s supports. Lying on that level — and I do not doubt that in most instances the misinformation is known by feminists to be lies — causes so much damage and harm that one cannot logically explain it away. One must engage in a massive level of cognitive dissonance, for example, to believe that women and not men bear the brunt of police brutality and prison rape (a notion presented in the women’s march mission statement).

That is part of the reason I reject feminism. Karen Straughan explains her reasons below:

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