College rape culture and the death of due process

Christina Hoff Sommers interviewed Stuart Taylor. Taylor authored the book The Campus Rape Frenzy, which details the feminist claim of a “rape epidemic” on college campuses and their attempt to roll back due process for students accused of rape.

Taylor highlights in the interview the myriad ways in which the due process of students are violated in an attempt to peddle the feminist agenda. He highlights that these new “listen and believe” rules do not apply to male victims. A male student claiming rape have little chance of his claim being taken seriously. If the both parties are intoxicated and the male claims rape, Taylor suggests that this would be taken as a malicious counter claim and dismissed.

More worrisome is the presumption of guilt. Accused students are not afforded council, not allowed to the see the evidence against them, not allowed to cross examine witnesses, not allowed to present witnesses, and often are not informed of the complaints until the process is well underway. This forces the accused to prove their innocence, something that is a clear violation of constitutional law.

Yet much of this occurs on college campuses without the students having any recourse. While there have been several lawsuits pertaining to the constitutional violations, they take time to go through courts and do not apply in all instances. A student may win a case in a county or state, but that ruling may not apply across the country.

Taylor states in the interview that due to the pervasiveness of these policies, it may be difficult undo all the damage. Some of this bias may never go away. Fortunately, the public tends not to support these policies. The more people like Taylor speak out, the better the chances that these policies may change.

Sommers makes a salient point: it may take this idiocy happening to a famous feminist’s son for feminists to realize how horrible these policies are.

2 thoughts on “College rape culture and the death of due process

  1. That has already happened. Judith Grossman’s son was falsely accused a few years ago. I don’t know what it is going to take to stop this. In the meanwhile, the only thing that men can do is minimize their exposure by attending college minimally. Go online, go to community college, and attend university as a last option. It is already past 60/40 women to men on campus. Let’s see that number sink to something ridiculous and see how college women like it.

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