A Dose of Stupid v132

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept.

Case in point:

Ohio Bookstore Flips Male-Authored Books, Displaying Them Backwards

Is this what feminism has become? Is it so worthless and useless that only thing left for feminists to do is reverse books on bookshelves? There are no important issues feminists might want to address?

I realize that the answer to this question will make me lose a couple of IQ points, but I genuinely must know why the owners did this:

To draw attention to female authors, a Cleveland bookstore celebrated Women’s History Month by turning every male-written book in the fiction room backward on its shelf.

Eight of the all-female employees of Loganberry Books went through about 10,000 books, a process that took about two hours. They’ll leave the books turned around for the next two weeks.

“Pictures are loud communicators,” Harriett Logan, the bookstore’s founder and owner, told Heat Street. “So we are in essence not just highlighting the disparity but bringing more focus to the women’s books now, because they’re the only ones legible on the shelf.”

Do you realize this will backfire? Do you realize that people can simply pull the reversed books off the shelves and read the titles?

Do you also realize that people go to bookstores to buy specific books and by reversing the books you may lose sales because a person may assume you do not have the book they want? Do you not realize that sometimes people just browse and by doing something like this may lose sales? Do you also not realize that you draw more attention to the books you apparently do not want people to buy?

But most importantly, do you not realize how sexist this looks? What would be your reaction if someone did this to female authors?

Again, I must know the logic behind this silliness:

Loganberry Books, a self-professed feminist-leaning bookstore, sells new, used and rare books. The bookstore advertises its women’s history and literature offerings as one of the strengths of its collection.

Logan said said she came up with the male-authored book flip idea herself, as a way to make a feminist point. The visual impact is even greater than she’d expected, Logan said, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

In an interview with Cleveland Scene, Logan said the display was “a metaphor of silencing the male voice—at least for this month.”

“To give the floor and attention to women, you need to be able to hear them,” Logan told Heat Street. “And if someone else is talking over them, that just doesn’t happen.”

That was dumber than anticipated. If this is a feminist-leaning bookstore, why does it have 10,000 books written by men? If they were so concerned about female authors, could they not have only stocked books written by women? If they wanted to showcase female authors, could they not have displayed preferred books written by women?

As for the logic behind this, we can set aside the strawman argument implied by the woman’s statement that female authors are silenced. How is it not sexist to deliberately attempt to silence male voices? How does this balance anything? How does it give attention to female voices?

Yes, one could argue that by only seeing the female authors, buyers will preference those books. Yet as I noted above, this stupid act is more likely to cause people to check the reversed books, thereby resulting in more sales for those authors. It could also prompt people to leave the store, figuring this is some weird gimmick or deciding not to purchase from a blatantly sexist business.

Other than attacking male authors, what is the point?

I cannot imagine that this will result in greater sales. I also cannot imagine that many male authors would come for book signings at the store after this. I suspect that while some progressive people may support the store, most average people will decide to avoid it.

To Ms. Logan, was being a sexist idiot worth losing money for your business?


5 thoughts on “A Dose of Stupid v132

  1. While you saw from the standpoint of a customer, and, yes, I am certain this will crater sales, I saw from the standpoint of a supplier, my product isn’t being displayed. It could well be that they own their inventory, but if anything is on consignment, they have a problem. However, if this is a “feminist” business, I would not trust their word on the value of this promotion.

  2. Heard about this on twitter, and it seems my low opinion of feminist intelligence has been proved right. Again.
    It might work for them because it’s controversy, and unless the store owner is lying through her teeth about it being “overwhelmingly positive” in response, I reckon that it’s mostly just preaching to the converted (i.e. the enormously stupid).
    On the other hand, the books are turned away, which intrigues people to see what they’re about, so they’ll be inclined to look. If they want to give “women’s voices” a priority (the rhetoric being used in – of all places – a book store), then just stock women authored books. Certainly it does these idiots no favours for their claim that “we just want equality, not lording it over men” because that’s exactly what it looks like.
    As I’ve said before, they’re really not very bright.

    Besides, women’s voices being “silenced”? People interrupt each other all the time in conversation. That’s why it’s called a conversation. If women have to compete with men then they have to both talk and listen like everyone else, rather than expect the right to a single long-winded speech. Grow up a little bit for God’s sake!

    It seems modern feminists are growing more stupid by the minute.

  3. This is why, as celebrations roll on, I am reluctant to pay attention to stories surrounding Women’s History Month. Somehow, it’s not enough for these feminist to highlight the hard work and contributions women made to the world. They’ve got to slag off men at the same time, disrespect their work and contributions as well. The owner of this feminist bookstore thinking the male authors in their catalogue are silencing women. The impetus for turning the spines inward and displaying the front page edges.
    Look, I’m all for equality and recognizing women’s work. But please, would these people stop beating men down in the process?

  4. Just an additional message: Don’t bother commenting in the article forum below. While there are some speaking out against this move, the rest is a cesspool of feminist-101 “Personal is political” Social Justice Warriors.

  5. What point are they trying to make? Surely, the only thing you are going to think by all these flipped-backwards books is “why don’t women write as many books than men”?

    If the bookstore is organised by topic, it might be amusing to note which sections are mostly devoid of female writers, and which are loaded with them.

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