This is what modern feminism looks like

I must give Tucker Carlson credit. It appears he has developed journalistic skills. His show on Fox News is surprisingly watchable. This is largely due to Carlson asking his guests tough questions. I particularly enjoy his expressions when he does not believe his guests. It it somewhat of a cross between a dog’s confused look and taking a stressful bowel movement.

What makes Carlson so effective is that he walks his guests into admitting the flaws in their own arguments. A good example of this was his interview with a woman from Bustle, an online women’s gossip magazine. Bustle shut down its site on International Women’s Day to do something. As Carlson pointed out in his interview, that something was not very clear:

Several things stand out from this interview. Firstly, it is clear that the logic beyond a day without women was flawed. If feminists argue that men hold the majority of powerful positions and control society, then women skipping work would present only a small problem. Women do not hold key positions in businesses and government, so those two institutions would function properly. They do not make up the majority of labor forces, so our infrastructure will continue on as usual.

The primary disruption would be in female dominated areas such as communications, nursing, and education. Only the latter two are of concern, and it was unlikely that most women working those positions would abandon them for a day of pointless marching.

Secondly, much of the sentiment driving the logic is really hostility towards men. This was shown women refusing to shop at white male owned businesses as noted in the interview. Carlson pointed out that this is simply sexism again men. He also noted that Asians earn the most money in the United States, thereby making the exercise of punishing white men over their higher earning status pointless.

The only response the woman had was to repeat talking points about men in powerful positions, which Carlson quickly demolished.

Thirdly, and perhaps most revealing, Carlson tricked the woman into approving of boys and men falling behind in education. The way he did it was rather slick. He listed all the ways males are underachieving and presented it as what feminists fought for. It is an obvious trap, and like a skinny, egotistical Homer Simpson this woman gleefully walked into it, agreeing that it is indeed a good thing that men and boys fail to graduate, fail to earn degrees, and face harsher prospects should they graduate.

Carlson wisely ended the interview shortly after that exchange. And why not? This woman demonstrated how much of a sexist, narcissistic, uncompromising joke modern feminism has become.

Yes, women, prove your worth to society by taking a day off, not by doing anything of significance. That will show men.

4 thoughts on “This is what modern feminism looks like

  1. It was a blessing that the women’s strike fizzled. As for the woman interviewed, she displays feminism for what it is. Could that be why mainstream women are turning away from it?

  2. Did you hear what that prankster Milo Yiannopolis did?

    He invited a bunch of manurespherians and alter-righties to a strip club on Womyn’s day…

    He gave them tons of liquor but they got surly when no womyn showed up because it was international take the day off day….

    Then Jack Donovan and Roosh V came out in drag and said gender is a social construct..

    alright, alright, I jest but…

    Tucker Carlson is just another tradcon who wants to keep men disposable…

    at the end of the day it’s just as toxic as the liberalism/progressivism pedaled ver at Feminist Critics…

  3. I’ll bet you that the nurses weren’t marching. Why? Because they are responsible adults with have jobs that actually matter. They don’t need to stamp their little footsies and pout and hold their breath until people give them respect.

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