Karen Straughan tackles a one-sided CBC interview about men’s rights

I do enjoy when media outlets bring someone on to discuss an issue the person has zero involvement with. The CBC, Canada’s government funded news organization, invited on professor Rebecca Sullivan to discuss the film The Red Pill. The film was to be screened at the University of Calagary, however, the screening was pulled after the Wildrose On Campus (WROC) “sent out an email inviting people to the screening by saying everyone knows ‘feminism is cancer.'”

The CBC decided to interview Sullivan to get an understanding of the men’s rights movement. They could have interviewed Cassie Jaye or a men’s rights activist, as they would have better knowledge about the subject, but that would be logical. It is instead much better to interview someone abjectly opposed to the men’s rights movement and who has not seen the film. This person would provide the most objective analysis.

Karen Straughan points out the utter inanity of the interview and Sullivan’s points in her recent video. I remain mystified by the feminist response to The Red Pill. I doubt that most of the feminists criticizing the film ever saw it. They certainly do not appear to know the points argued by men’s rights activists in the film. It appears that they are reflexively attacking the film because it does not attack the men’s rights movement.

As Straughan notes in her video, this is an old feminist tactic. She saw it when she got involved in the men’s rights movement in 2009. I have seen it since I was 17 offline and since 2003 online. Feminists make blanket accusations, often refusing to provide the source for quotes or evidence any of their claims about men. They label anyone who disagrees with them “rapists”, “sexist”, “pedophiles”, and “misogynists” without hesitation. This is precisely what Sullivan during the CBC interview.

This is what people must contend with when dealing with feminists. This level of dishonesty is the reason why the men’s rights movement exists. I think, however, the reason feminist hate The Red Pill is because it reveals their lies. It shows how partisan they are and how bias rules them. The modern feminist movement is not about empowering women; it is about amassing and maintaining a power structure. Any challenge to that must be destroyed, hence the attacks on feminist critics.

I think Straughan does a great job in showing how ridiculous modern feminists look when they behave this way.

2 thoughts on “Karen Straughan tackles a one-sided CBC interview about men’s rights

  1. Karen did a thorough job in her take down, but her video runs a lot longer. It only took this horrid professor a little more than five minutes to spread lies. There are calls all over the internet for her dismissal or resignation. I don’t think that it will happen, but this is likely to be her first and last public appearance, like Big Red. This professor has set back feminism. However, they will still want to control the narrative and that is something they have all but lost.

  2. This reads as the feminist mob running scared. Red Pill is a devastating blow, and they know it. Their enemy has been presented in a sympathetic light, which is a disaster for them. And becuase they have embarrassed themselves by showing themselves in a bad way, they are definitely on the backfoot. They are in serious trouble and they know it.

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