High school student trolls feminists into exposing their bigotry

We hear it all the time: feminism is about equality. Feminists do not hate anyone. They want to bring everyone together.

Anyone who spends enough time around feminists knows that this proves to be untrue rather quickly. While all feminists are not unhinged bigots, a significant portion of feminists are intolerant of contrary views. The moment someone expresses a disagreement, these feminists will attack. It typically does not take much to get that response. One high school student proved this point:

Kerby Martin, a high school junior from Cypress, Texas, had been working on a school essay about several myths pushed by feminists about gender inequality, specifically focusing on how third-wave feminism only divides people. So, she tweeted out a picture of herself in an anti-feminist shirt that read “#Meninist” to prove that third-wave feminists were only tolerant towards liberals. Within hours, she was proven right.

She tweeted out the picture of the shirt on Wednesday.

Within minutes she received more than 200 negative responses. Martin told Red Alert Politics that liberals started threatening to egg her car, wishing she’d learn her lesson by getting raped, or telling her to die.

Who did not see that coming?

The comments range from questioning her sanity to wishing rape upon her. Mind you, this is not because Martin made a specific statement attacking feminism, questioning rape accusations, or undermining progressive politics. The barrage of hate tweets and comments came solely from a picture of Martin wearing a meninist shirt and stating in her tweet:

Because #meninism > victim culture @MeninistTweet

What rational person responds to a picture and a tweet as harmless as the above with:

terrible of me to say but I feel like if u or someone close to u got raped & was accused of lying abt it, is the only way u’d learn #pendeja

Martin knows about the progressive mentality as used to share those views. After conducting her own research, her views changed. This is a common explanation of how someone gets out of that mindset. They begin looking at data and evidence and find that many of the things they believe do not hold up under scrutiny.

She took little issue with the backlash, and released the following statement:

I am not oppressed in society as a woman, and neither are you. Unless you allow yourself to think that. Victims exist yes, of real issues like rape, racism, abuse, and other horrible acts. Not because of the things third wave feminists claim. Meninism is a joke and not a movement. My meninist shirt was a satirical hit at third wave feminism in America, and its ineffective methods for solving social issues that are inaccurate and counterproductive. I am not anti-female or anti-female rights. I am against a movement that has shifted their focus from actual equality to complaining and social justice action.

That likely did not go over well either, yet that too would merely prove her point. Modern feminism is not about equality. It is doubtful that so-called “third-wave” feminism was ever about equality. Modern feminism is about victimhood and power grabs. Facts do not matter. Evidence does not matter. What matters is the narrative and the ability to shame the “oppressor” while painting oneself as the “victim”.

This “us versus them” mentality is common among ideologies, and it ironically ramps up as a movement achieves its goals. This is what has happened with feminism. Feminists have the society they demanded. Most people consider men and women equals, and there are laws and policies in place to ensure that such equal treatment occurs and that unequal treatment is punished.

As a result, feminism is essentially no longer needed. Of course, no movement wants to lose power. While ideologies are not sentient, like a virus they struggle to stay alive and active. This is why one hears feminists claiming that our society is more sexist than ever. This keeps their movement and ideology relevant and necessary. Never mind that if what they claimed were true, “The Patriarchy” would have crushed them decades ago.

Girls like Martin are realizing how much of a lie the modern feminism is built on. As she notes:

“I’m trying to make a difference and bring facts and truth to my generation, and social media and our schools are no longer a true place for free speech and political incorrectness,” Martin said. “It’s just the beginning I still have to write my essay, and I plan to continue this as far as I can to show how messed up the “tolerant left” really is.”

She is right. The “tolerant left” is not very tolerant. They are far more authoritarian, as shown by the vicious attacks against anyone, even a high school student, who dares to voice a contrary opinion or make a joke at their expense.

3 thoughts on “High school student trolls feminists into exposing their bigotry

  1. Shit like this makes me embarrassed to be left wing. But TS, did I also mention Maggie McNeill on your blog before? Her position as a sex workers rights activist has clashed frequently with the feminist movement and she isn’t a fan of them either, but her experiences shed some interesting light on the attitudes and hypocrisies of modern left wing “liberalism” in ways I haven’t seen before.

  2. I fear for this girls’s physical safety. She has one more year of high school and all of college to endure.

  3. I also fear for her safety and also for her future. Intolerant leftists and feminists, and in truth most women, have long memories and a lust for revenge. This young lady should adopt the Fight Club motto of “the first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club”.

    We MGTOW learned this a long time ago. Bucking a system you cannot hope to defeat is social and career suicide. One must always remember that the institutions are responsible for and the enforcers of the insanity.

    Their most feared institution carries guns and badges and runs the jails and the courts. I predict a great many traffic tickets in her future and quite possibility a drug plant during one of the stops and a beat down for resisting arrest. At a minimum her best bet for higher education will be the local community college – her chance at a four year school died when she hit send.

    Don’t put anything past the institutions. Their enforcers are only concerned with a paycheck, job security, and will squash you like a bug for heresy. Keep your mouth shut, sweetheart, or you may find out firsthand exactly how men are abused these days. Cheers.

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