Phallic Affect, or Why Men’s Rights Activists Have Feelings

Youtuber TL;DR released a video recently concerning an intriguing paper called Phallic Affect, or Why Men’s Rights Activists Have Feelings. A one Jonathan A. Allan wrote the paper. Allan is the Canada research chair in Queer Theory and Associate Professor in Gender and Women’s Studies and English and Creative Writing at Brandon University. He is the author of works such as Virgin Envy: The Cultural (In)Significance of the Hymen and Reading from Behind: A Cultural Analysis of the Anus. He is also the vice-president of the American Men’s Studies Association.

Given such stellar credentials, it is not surprising that a substantial portion of Allan’s work focuses on criticizing masculinity as bad or toxic. In his paper Phallic Affect, Allan argues that men’s rights activists have co-oped the language of feminists in regards to the personal is political. Feminists contend that a woman’s feelings on a matter are important and validate her concerns, even if the evidence suggests her concerns are unwarranted. This usually manifests as “the personal is political” or “listen and believe” or “feels equal reals”.

Allan, however, does not think the men’s rights movement has any legitimate grievances. He thinks that men’s rights activists simply use their feelings to justify what he considers to be sexism. Yet this presents a problem. Allan genuinely believes that “feels equal reals”, i.e. that if a person says they feel discriminated against or oppression, this is something one ought to take seriously. A person’s expression of their perception of the world is as important, if not more important, than any outside evidence.

This would technically mean that Allan would have to consider the feelings of men’s rights activists who feel that the family court system is biased or that police use a double standard in domestic violence cases or that female sex offenders get a pass when they commit crimes. But Allan does not want to do this. He has already concluded that women have it worse, and he will not entertain any suggestion that bad things happen to men, let alone that some of them may be caused or worsened by women or ideologies like feminism. So his only way around this is to invalidate men’s rights activists’ feelings, something he claims in the paper he would not do that. He then makes the tremendous leap of logic to claim that the real reason for men’s rights activists feelings is because they are afraid of being anally penetrated. Not figuratively, but literally. He thinks that when some men say that they are being “fucked” by women that these men literally fear anal penetration.

If ever anyone wonders why I do not think highly of male feminists, people like Allan explain why. Watch TL;DR’s video and witness the complete insanity that passes for intellectual rigor in Gender Studies departments.

3 thoughts on “Phallic Affect, or Why Men’s Rights Activists Have Feelings

  1. I stopped taking him seriously as soon as you said he wrote a cultural analysis of human arseholes. If that analysis referred to (most) feminists then I’d consider it worth reading.

    But seriously, his argument that the MRA crowd are afraid of anal sex? Firstly, how is that relevant? Second, if it’s not your thing, why should you want it?
    Male feminists have disgraced themselves so often and on a repeat basis, nothing about them would surprise me now.

  2. I think that male feminists come to a sad end, usually at the hands of female feminists.

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