Why Do People Hate Feminism?

Sargon of Akkad has an excellent video series on the reasons why people take issue with feminism. He presents a thorough explanation of the problems within feminism as an ideology and with its adherents. Some feminists may object to Sargon’s tone, however, he comes across as fair. He does not paint all feminists as the Borg. He acknowledges that different feminists think different things. Yet he also notes that the voices we hear tend to come from the authoritarian, anti-male element of the movement.

This is an ongoing series, so as Sargon uploads videos I will add them to this page.

10 thoughts on “Why Do People Hate Feminism?

  1. “the voices we hear tend to come from the authoritarian, anti-male element ”

    The voices, and the laws passed, and the school rules implemented, and the boycott campaigns, and the educational curricula, and the ideas censored…

  2. No video on abortion?

    I know it’s a divisive topic, and the pro-choice is much more popular than feminism itself. But it is the elephant in the room. And I’m not talking about the legality of the subject.

    I’m talking about how unbelievably common it is. The movement to legalize the procedure sold it on sympathetic edge cases and the promise (projection?) that it would be “safe, legal, and rare”. Because even if you have no moral or religous objection, it is clearly a sub-optimal decision. Yet it is something that roughly 1/3 women have chosen to do. This is happening in spite of the widespread availability of numerous, effective, female-controlled birth control options. This is happening in spite of the fact that, by design, men have no say in the matter and therefore cannot be logically blamed for the problem.

    It’s critical to understand this if you want to understand feminists.

    The double standards, the delusional statements, the tortured logic- so much of it derives from an attempt to rationalize abortion.

  3. The first clip in the first video speaks more of female insecurity than anything else, in my opinion.

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  5. Women were the achilles heel of the West. This whole feminist movement has been part of the globalist conspiracy since its inception. The female is a natural conformist who follows fashion and is easily manipulated by mass media that caters to their fantasies and then drops the poison pill that makes them give up the security of family and motherhood to be a mindless working drone. Women are the key in destroying the family unit that globalists see as a natural resistance to their stupid plan to turn all of humanity into brown cow slaves to serve the chosen dumbs. The collapse is imminent as these boobs keep doubling down on displacing Whites and replacing them with dullards who cannot do the work or maintain the society. Oh too bad. The worst laid plan of rats and untermenschen just doesn’t meet the minimum criteria for maintaining order or keeping society running. Prepare for War. The collapse is now imminent.

  6. TS, you have to admit: the authoritarian loudmouth end of the movement is the purest expression of the ideology. They are honest. The moderate feminists, in contrast, merely pick and choose the bits which feel and sound good and are more passive-aggressive in advancing the ideology.

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  9. the fact that feminists say different things, but all those things are anti male, is the real problem. there is nothing positive or beneficial about their gender rights movement, it’s all based around hate and malice, and their own rights don’t even enter into the equation.

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