Kevin Spacey allegations bring out strange defenders

As more allegations against Kevin Spacey mount, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to defend him.

In my prior post about the Anthony Rapp’s allegation, I noted that we would need to see what would happen to Spacey given how forgiving Hollywood can be. Within 24 hours of that post, several young men came forward accusing Spacey of attempting or succeeding in sexually assaulting them. Their ages vary, however, based on what I read, all the young men were either teenagers, in their early twenties, or appeared younger than their age.

This demonstrates a consistent pattern, i.e. Spacey allegedly preferring younger males who either are or can pass as teen boys.

The word to describe a person with such as sexual interest is typically pederast. However, the average person uses pedophile. While this is technically incorrect, as it implies an interest in boys who have not reached puberty, the distinction ultimately does not matter. The key point is that Spacey appears, based on the allegations, to target underage boys, many of whom cannot legally consent to sex in their respective states.

Given the severity of the accusations against Spacey — enough to make Netflix end his popular show House of Cards — one would think the focus would be on Spacey’s victims.

Instead, the left-leaning media fell in part for Spacey’s deflection. As I mentioned in my prior post, Spacey revealed that he is gay in his “apology” to Anthony Rapp. It was a clear attempt to misdirect attention from the allegation. It initially did not work. Several prominent actors and various organizations condemned Spacey.

Yet, as a friend of mine often says, people are people, so it did not take long for some to focus more on Spacey’s admission of his homosexuality over his alleged actions. Most people appear to ignore those articles, instead reacting as they usually do in such situations: mocking the accused as a pedophile.

This does not help the situation either, however, people are people, and this is what they do.

More troubling is the inevitable semantics argument over what to call Kevin Spacey. Enter Slate’s Joseph Fischel and his article How Calling Kevin Spacey a Pedophile Hurts the Gay Community.

I could stop right there because I do not need to read the article to know what Fischel will argue. All of it is a moot point. Spacey, based on the allegations, targeted young teen boys. You may call him whatever you want. His actions are nevertheless wrong.

The reason I want to comment on this article is because Fischel made several points that ignore the actual problem, which is Spacey’s actions. Fischel stated:

Immediately after Kevin Spacey tweeted an apology on Sunday night for allegedly making sexual advances toward a then-teenaged Anthony Rapp in 1986, he was “Milo-ed”—demonized and outcast under the banner of pedophilia—mostly by gay leaders, but also by everyone else (including at Slate and by Milo himself).

There is a distinct difference between Milo and Spacey, the first being that Milo was not accused of attempting to molest a 14-year-old boy. So far, no one has accused Milo of such actions. So the “witch hunt” comparison could not be more off.

Secondly, what Milo did is describe precisely the situation mentioned by one of Spacey’s accusers: that the child could find the situation a “relationship”. Milo also stated that it was possible for it to be a loving, care, non-predatory situation, which is true. This does occasionally happen. Most situations, however, are not that and Milo never stated they were, nor did he suggest or condone anyone engaging in them.

Thirdly, even NAMBLA would find Spacey’s actions as described by his accusers deplorable, and this is an organization that supports adult men having sex with boys as young as eight. There is simply no room for comparison when self-professed “boylovers” would want Spacey locked up for his actions.

Fischel then tries to scrub away the pedophile allegation against Spacey, citing the common use of the label against gay men. That would be fair if Spacey were found to be in a consensual sexual relationship with a 16 or 17-year-old boy. The age of consent in the states Spacey typically visits and lives in — New York and California — is 16. This would be reasonable from a legal standard, albeit questionable from a moral standard given Spacey’s age.

Yet that is not the situation. The situation is that a 14-year-old Anthony Rapp had to squirm free of Spacey. Another 15-year-old at the time claims Spacey tried to rape him. The other allegations paint a similar picture of a man who tries through manipulation, coercion, and force to get boys to have sex with him.

Given those circumstances, calling Spacey a pedophile hardly seems an attack on gay men. Yet Fischel stated:

Unlike former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey, who announced his “truth” as a “gay American” in part to shut down allegations that he sexually harassed an employee, Spacey is not exploiting gayness to distract our attention from the predatory man behind the curtain. To the contrary, his coming out, he tells us, spurs him to “examin[e] my own behavior.”

Which is why Spacey, a very popular actor with more than enough fame and clout to survive coming out, chose to out himself only when accused of attempted sexual assault on a minor.

Spacey is not trying to examine his behavior. He is trying to deflect attention, and Fischel appears stupid and willing enough to fall for it.

If one wants to argument semantics, very well. We can all concede that the most accurate description of Spacey would be a pederast or molester. According to all the allegations, all the males he went after were post-pubescent. This would mean that Spacey’s attraction is not to prepubescent children, ergo he is technically not a pedophile.

That said, it does not make a difference. Numerous young men have accused Spacey of assaulting them. Some of them may be telling the truth and some of them may be lying. The proper response is to investigate the allegations, verify them, and proceed if the legal statutes allow it, not to argue over whether Spacey meets the clinical definition of a specific type of sexual predator.

Some arguments are worth having, and this is not one of them. Let it go, Fischel, before you make a bigger ass of yourself than you already have.

10 thoughts on “Kevin Spacey allegations bring out strange defenders

  1. I did not see Spacey’s “revelation” as a way to distract/excuse himself toward Rapp’s allegation. Thought about what might be unraveled from his personal life in the near future.

  2. “Instead, the left-leaning media fell in part for Spacey’s deflection.” And yet, you can only mention *ONE* stupid article as an example of the whole “left-leaning media” defending that piece of shit. Why are you so obsessed with attacking *EVERYTHING* you deem “leftist” at all and always give a free pass to the right??? Your dishonest and disgusting bias are more and more evident each day.

    “When put under oath, Epstein admitted that he had “socialized” with Trump. But Epstein chose to exercise his Fifth Amendment rights when asked: “Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?” Epstein similarly pleaded the fifth when asked about his relationship to Bill Clinton.”:…/the-friendship-between-trump…/

    Hypocritical much?… 🙂

    And you KEEP ON defending narcissist, sociopathic, liar, hypocrite, proud, user of human beings, careerist, censorship advocate, male gamer-shamer, proud Iron Cross-wearer miley “i protect, cover up, apologize, defend pederasts, pederasty, pedophiles, pedophilia” yiannopoulos. Your hypocrisy just REEKS. Great service you are doing to all those “very, very, very young boys” your beloved miley watched being raped.

    How can you call yourself an advocate for males is just fucking beyond me.

    Oh, yeah, I’m sure it’s *ALL* a conspiracy of the “left-leaning” fake news media, *OF COURSE*.

    You’re such a disgrace. I’m disgusted.

  3. As I mentioned in the previous article, there’s probably a lot of fear among the gay community and their allies that this feeds into the ‘gays-are-paedophiles’ myth that used to be prevalent, and a lot of them probably remember. However, this does not excuse the author falling for Spacey trying to deflect people’s attention, and Spacey is shameless in making an attempt to do so.

  4. It’s alright, though, of course. You decide who can exercise their Freedom Of Speech here and who can’t. How are you any different from people like sarkeesian???

  5. Jimmy, the post was not about Trump. The post was about Kevin Spacey, ergo, all articles mentioned will be related to that topic.

    As for your comment going into moderation, that was due to the number of links you included.

  6. “Spacey is not exploiting gayness to distract our attention from the predatory man behind the curtain. To the contrary, his coming out, he tells us, spurs him to “examin[e] my own behavior.”

    Dishonest nonsense. Spacey did exactly what Fischel is lying to excuse him of.

    “Given those circumstances, calling Spacey a pedophile hardly seems an attack on gay men. ”

    Calling Spacey a pedophile is not an attack on gay men. Linking gayness and pedophilia, which is what Spacey did, is.

  7. Can any of you tell me just how Spacey could defend himself (without denying the allegation as he says – if he’s not lying- that he doesn’t remember b/c drink) WITHOUT COMING OUT AS GAY? Seriously, this whole ‘deflection’ bullshit is getting tiresome. A straight man does not go o after teenage boys, but teenage GIRLS. He might be BISEXUAL but then there is the utter lack of female sexual partners both rumored and known. So as soon as the first accusation was made other than saying “I didn’t do it” and nothing else (“I don’t remember” and nothing else would pretty much seal the Gay case for most people) he was pretty much forced to out himself.

  8. Also, given the creep in the type of allegations AND the fact that famous people who get accused of something (guilty or innocent) almost always get accused of more things by people who are lying and j ust want fame or money (I’m willing to be right now that at least some of his accusers are lying, and possibly all of them including the original one) I’m not as snaguine about Spacey’s guilt as you seem to be. Here also is a professional ethicist who finds the initial allegations to be unethical behavior on the part of the alleged victim:

  9. Can any of you tell me just how Spacey could defend himself (without denying the allegation as he says – if he’s not lying- that he doesn’t remember b/c drink) WITHOUT COMING OUT AS GAY?

    He could admit to being a pederast, although that would clearly be a worse admission. As I noted in my post, Spacey appears to prefer younger males who either are or appear to be in their teens. Perhaps he does have relationships with older men who look their age. Even if that is true, it does not change that his sexual attraction males would not necessitate going after teenage boys.

    Spacey could have also denied the allegation. Rapp may not have been able to press charges and does not appear interested in doing so either. There would then only be the accusation, which given Spacey’s position in Hollywood and popularity he could have survived. The numerous other allegations, however, would have ruined that play.

    His other option would have been to state the first part of his statement and leave it at that. People would assume he was a pedophile or child molester regardless of what he stated, so coming out would not improve the situation. The only reason to mention is to deflect, either by using it to explain his behavior (“I’m gay and he was a cute guy and I was drunk”) or to change the subject to his coming out.

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