Director Bryan Singer Sued For Alleged Sexual Assault

Cesar Sanchez-Guzman filed a lawsuit against director Bryan Singer, alleging the director sexually assaulted him in 2003. According to the media reports:

In the lawsuit, Sanchez-Guzman alleged that Singer was a guest at the party and took him on a tour of the yacht and sexually assaulted him. The lawsuit charges Singer with sexual assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and sexual exploitation of children.

Singer’s spokesman, Andrew Brettler, said the allegations were false, and this case would fail like another case brought against Singer in 2014 did.

I wrote about that case when it occurred. In that post, I mentioned that Singer faced a previous suit regarding a boy who acted in his film Apt Pupil.

Rumors regarding Singer suggest that he prefers teen boys and shows no interest legal young men who look younger than their age. Singer denied the allegations, however, the next day another one appeared:

A day after X-Men director Bryan Singer was sued for the alleged rape of a 17-year-old boy in 2003, the filmmaker’s ex-boyfriend has come forward to describe a relationship fueled by drugs, group sex and empty promises.

Bret Tyer Skopek told Deadline he met Singer, 52, at a Halloween party in October 2013 shortly after arriving in Los Angeles as a fresh-faced 18-year-old from Arizona. By December, the aspiring singer was sleeping with the director. Their relationship ended in December 2014.

Skopek alleges that during his relationship with Singer, he was plunged into a lifestyle of lavish parties, expensive dinners, as well as copious alcohol, drug use and orgies. “You come [to LA] with dreams of being whatever. You’re still going to be caught up into this mess,” he said.

Skopek claims that Singer promised him a role in X-men: Apocalypse, but he never received the on-screen appearance.

As I mentioned in my previous post about Singer’s 2014 situation, it is possible this is motivated by money. Given how many of these cases ended up in the news, it would be easy for someone to fake a claim that sounded believable. Nevertheless, there does appear to be a trend with the types of accusations, the age range of the boys involved, and the nature of the alleged abuse.

So far, Singer has not faced any backlash. Fox studios continued to work with him following the 2014 allegations. Singer was recently fired from Bohemian Rhapsody, however, that appeared to be over clashes with the actors, not any specific sexual assault issues.

It would appear that Singer is rather Teflon when it comes to these accusations. That may explain his recent comment that he would not object to working with Kevin Spacey depending on the project. While it is a loaded question, it is one that Singer should have the dodge more elegantly than “it depends on the project.”

So far, only Kevin Spacey has faced any real consequences for alleged abuse of children in Hollywood. Perhaps this will extend to Singer if more people come forward. It is curious that no one else did following the 2014 lawsuit. This may change this time around, or it may appear to anyone he may have abused that Singer is untouchable.

2 thoughts on “Director Bryan Singer Sued For Alleged Sexual Assault

  1. I think that Bryan Singer’s scandal, like Louis CK, is a secret that is pretty open to everyone, but nothing has been done about it. In both cases, their behaviour has been known about and not exactly a secret. Sure, with some of these scandals have been surprises to us – I for one knew who Weinstein was and knew he was an arsehole but didn’t suspect to that extent – but in other examples like Singer and CK, it’s as if everyone has been caught napping. Personally I find that to be bizarre.

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